Amos Lee Is Giving Away Concert Tickets to Teachers

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Amos Lee Tickets for Teachers

Where are my Amos Lee fans at? #iykyk. Not only is he fantastic live; he’s also a former teacher. Every time he comes to my hometown, my husband and I are the first to buy tickets. He typically performs in a smaller, intimate venue with a small band or just a guitar, and he captures the audience the second he begins.

Amos just announced that he is giving away concert tickets to deserving teachers. He says, “As a former teacher myself, I know how much you sacrifice and the last two years certainly have made things even more trying. So, I am giving away free tickets to teachers and helping classrooms buy the supplies they need.”

Boom. You can get tickets and classroom supplies. Here’s how:

Nominate yourself or another teacher by filling out this Google Form and tagging @amoslee #ALTicketsforTeachers on social media. You’ll be able to choose the concert you’d like to attend. Currently, he is set to perform in a handful of states from April-June.

So whether you’re a true Amos fan (props) or he’s new to you—take a listen. I personally love Violin and danced to Sweet Pea with my dad during our father-daughter dance at my wedding. If you win tickets, it could be just the night out you deserve.

Amos Lee Is Giving Away Concert Tickets to Teachers