A Kindergarten Teacher Shares 5 Classroom Games You Can Buy on Amazon

Looking to round out the year with some great finds that are also easy on your wallet? 💸

We love simple, effective, and inexpensive classroom games you can grab on Amazon. Kayla from Move Mountains in Kindergarten on TikTok recently shared some of her favorite games for the classroom, and we love them all. Each game has a great tie-in to learning, and there are lots of ways you could customize them to your own lessons. Take a look at her original video and tips below, and then learn why she loves each game.  


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Make a game of Sight Word Tetris

Tetris style classroom game on Amazon

This one is perfect to customize to your specific classroom needs. Grab yourself one of these wooden block puzzle boards, take out a marker, and write down sight words, math problems, or anything else you want your students to master. Have students take turns placing pieces until there are no more spots available. 

Try this puzzle-stacking challenge

Stacking Classroom Game on Amazon

This BUILDZI game is both a stacking challenge and a puzzle. It has two levels of difficulty, so students can increase the challenge as they polish their skills. It’s the most expensive game on the list, but it’s very sturdy and will last a long time. 

Test how well you can balance with Fuzzies


Classroom Fuzzies Game

Jenga is great, but in a classroom, it can lead to a lot of noise. If you want a quiet alternative, try this Fuzzies game. It features soft and fluffy pom-pom balls. You might think it’s going to be too easy, but it’s not. These Fuzzies are just as tricky to stack and balance as their wooden counterparts, especially with the added challenge cards. 

Spot It Speed

Classroom Spot It Game

You can’t go wrong with a classic game of Spot It in your classroom. To kick this game up a notch, try a speed version by having students flip a card and race to find a matching item on the card. 

Zingo is always a classroom favorite

Classroom Zingo Game

The game of Zingo is another classroom classic, and it’s a good one for practicing words and spelling. For about $20, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!

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