15 Great Anchor Charts for Teaching Adjectives

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Collage of Adjectives Anchor Charts

Adjectives are so much fun to teach! Learning all the fun new ways to describe nouns brings out the creative side in kids. These adjectives anchor charts help them learn what this part of speech is and how to use it properly. They’re engaging, enlightening, and entertaining!

1. Popcorn Adjectives

Anchor chart with large container of popcorn with adjectives written on each piece

A popcorn lesson is a really cool way to introduce adjectives to young learners. Pop them a tasty snack and ask them to describe it, making notes as you go.

Source: Babbling Abby

2. Adjectives Tell Us…

Anchor chart reading "Adjectives Tell Us..."

This is one of those simple, colorful adjectives anchor charts that provides a good reference for kids as they’re reading and writing.

Source: Teaching With Terhune

3. What Is An Adjective?


Adjectives Anchor Charts: What Is An Adjective?

Adjective anchor charts can be as simple as lists of words. This one breaks them down by type.

Source: Firstieland


4. A Word That Describes a Noun

Anchor chart reading "An adjective is a word that describes a noun"

Relate adjectives to the five senses with a chart like this one. Have students help you come up with the examples for each category.

Source: Word That Describes a Noun, Margaux Langenhoven/Pinterest

5. Adjectives Tell Us About Nouns

Adjectives Anchor Charts: Adjectives Tell Us About Nouns

The illustrations on this chart are sure to draw kids’ eyes. You’ll love having this one hanging on your wall!

Source: A Cupcake For The Teacher

6. Adjectives Describe a Person, Place, or Thing

Adjectives Describe People, Places, and Things with clip art images

Not much of an artist? Use clipart to illustrate your adjectives anchor charts or buy this ready-to-use image at the link.

Source: @teachwithmeinprepg

7. Adjectives Flower

A drawing of a flower with the word "adjective" in the middle and various types of adjectives on each petal (Adjectives Anchor Charts)

Anyone can draw this simple flower! Use the petals to list types of adjectives and examples.

Source: Lauren Piper

8. What Adjectives Do

Anchor chart describing how anchor charts are used, including comparative and superlative

This chart expands on the definition of an adjective as something that describes a noun. It includes the idea of comparative words and the way other parts of speech can be turned into adjectives.

Source: Forever in Fifth Grade

9. Adjectives Add Color

Adjectives Add Color anchor chart with lists of adjectives

Encourage kids to recognize the adjectives in their writing by underlining them or writing them with colorful pens. As they revise and edit, this will help them see where they might add more descriptive language.

Source: Adjectives Add Color, Margaux Langenhoven/Pinterest

10. Adjectives are Like Magnets

Adjectives Anchor Charts: Adjectives are Like Magnets

Nouns and adjectives go together like peanut butter and jelly! To be sure you’ve found an adjective, look around for the noun it describes.

Source: Upper Elementary Snapshots

11. Royal Order of Adjectives

Anchor Chart showing the royal order of adjectives

This is one of those seemingly-tricky language skills that we tend to pick up naturally as we learn to talk. Kids just learning to write, or those studying English as a second language, will find this chart helpful.

Source: Laurin Stanford/Pinterest

12. Adjective Order With Sticky Notes

Anchor Chart displaying the order of anchor charts with sticky note labels

This chart expands on the royal order concept by using sticky notes to categorize the adjectives in each sentence, ensuring they’re in the proper order.

Source: Book Units Teacher

13. Comparative vs. Superlative

Anchor chart showing the differences between comparative vs superlative adjectives

Comparative adjectives often include an -er ending, while superlatives generally end in -est. The “teeter-totter” rule reminds students of the comparative endings, while the “best” ribbon indicates superlatives.

Source: Crafting Connections

14. Comparative vs. Superlative With Sticky Notes

Comparative vs Superlatives anchor chart with sticky notes for examples

This chart explores comparatives and superlatives, with lots of space for students to add their own examples on sticky notes.

Source: Teaching With a Cup of Tea

15. From Adjective to Adverb

Anchor chart showing how to change an adjective to an adverb by adding -ly

Learning to tell the difference between adjectives and adverbs? This chart can be helpful since sometimes a word can be either depending on how it’s used.

Source: Here’s An Idea

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15 Great Anchor Charts for Teaching Adjectives