A Year of Recently Used Emojis: Teacher Edition

What do they say about you?

The recently used emojis feature on iPhones, a list of cartoon emoticons that have been used while typing recently, can say a lot about a person. Are your recently used emojis list full of skulls and crossbones and sad faces? You may have found yourself in a bit of a rut. Cake and a bride and engagement ring? You’re in wedding mode!

Teaching, like many things in life, has its seasons. Here’s what you may find if you peruse a teacher’s recently used emojis during the school year:

August / Early September

Rec used emojis august

Everything is awesome!!!!!!!!

Late October

Rec used emojis october

Once DEVOLSON (the Dark, Evil Vortex of Late September, October and November) is in full swing.

Late November / December

Rec used emojis novdec


Standardized Testing Season / May

Rec used emojis may

Utter mayhem.



Rec used emojis june

Hello, June. Mama loves you.

Check out your recently used emojis. What do they say about you?