Teach Kids How Germs Spread With This Free Printable Activity

Color, cut, and paste!

Collage of flat lays of A Germy Day activity on blue background

Teaching kids about germs can help prevent them from getting sick. This germ-education activity was designed specifically with grades K-2 in mind and teaches kids how germs spread through a fun story and cut-and-paste task. Plus, it provides extra practice in an important reading skill: sequencing!

The Story: “A Germy Day”

Flat lay of A Germy Day activity on blue background

Follow Tim as he makes his way to school … and picks up lots of germs on the way. Depending on your students’ reading levels, you can read this aloud, post it in a center, print it out for them to read on their own, or send it for learning at home.

The Activity: Sequencing

Flat lay of A Germy Day activity on blue background

Students can color in the comic squares before they cut them out and paste them in order on the story mat. This makes for a great at-home activity and families can hang it up as a reminder of how germs spread.

Creative Writing Extension: Create your own “A Germy Day” story together as a class or have independent writers do it on their own.

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