23 5th Grade Anchor Charts to Try in Your Classroom

This is visual learning at its best.

23 5th Grade Anchor Charts

We pulled together our favorite 5th grade anchor charts to encourage visual learning on several key concepts. If you have favorites to share, please leave the link the comments section!

1. Multiplying 2-digit numbers

Using an acronym to remember the steps to take when multiplying larger numbers will help kids remember what to do next.

Multiplying Anchor Chart

Source: Crafting Connections


2. Persuasive writing with Oreos

What better way to teach a writing idea than with an acronym that is a delicious cookie.


Oreo anchor chart

Source: Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas


3. How to end a story

Often kids get to the end of writing a story and they run out of gas. Give them some ideas with this chart.

Ending Story Anchor Chart

Source: T.E.A.M. Togetherness


4. United States history lesson

This teacher has some serious art skills! And found a great visual to show kids when the U.S. acquired different parts of the country.

Westward Expansion Anchor Chart

Source: Beyond the History Classroom


5. Division vocabulary

Divisor, Dividend, Quotient…do kids know the difference? This colorful chart will help them figure it out.

Division Anchor Chart

Source: The Owl Teacher


6. Fun with fractions

This chart helps kids see how to find equivalent fractions as well as using mixed fractions.

Fun with fractions

Source: Upper Elementary Fun!


7. Write like a scientist

This chart shows how to use words to inform, describe and label a topic, just like a scientist.

Write Like a Scientist Anchor Chart

Source: Winding It Down While Ratcheting It Up


8. Science: Matter unit 

This chart colorfully shows the different stages of motion in matter.

Matter Anchor Chart

Source: Learning Lab Resources


9. Finding coordinates

Here’s a chart for helping kids find coordinates on a plane with an x or y axis.

Coordinates Anchor Chart

Source: Appletastic Learning


10. Characteristics of geometric shapes 

If kids get mixed up on the number of sides or faces on a geometric shape, go through this chart together when you want to refresh the idea.

Geometric Shapes Anchor Chart

Source: Alycia Zimmerman


11. Types of angles

When teaching the concepts of angles, this chart is a fun one to illustrate together with your class.

Angles Anchor Chart

Source: Solvehub.com 


12. Understanding taxes

It’s not a bad idea to get get kids understanding taxes…and why their parents pay taxes and what the money is used for.

taxes anchor chart

Source: The Pensive Sloth


13. Division man

He looks a little somber, but division man is very helpful when kids are trying to remember how to use long division.

Division Man Anchor Chart

Source: Mrs. Sims & Mrs. Mathis


14. What does my grade mean?

If kids are confused by a letter grade, post this chart so they can better understand what differentiates an A or a C grade.

Grade Anchor Chart

Source: Teacher Trap


15. Expository text

Often more than words are needed to explain a topic or subject. This anchor chart helps to see some of the ways that can explain something to the reader in text or visual form.

Expository text anchor chart

Source: Miss Klohn’s Classroom


16. Writing hooks

In a writing workshop, this is a great chart to get kids thinking about how they want to draw in readers to their stories.

Writing HOoks Anchor Chart

Source: Lutton519


17. Author’s tone and mood

A reader can tell a lot about the story by figuring out what the author’s tone and mood are. This chart explains the difference between the two words and gives some examples of them to the students.

Tone and Mood Anchor Chart

Source: Miss Klohn’s Classroom


18. Revise vs. edit

Revise and Edit might sound like the same thing, but this anchor chart shares the differences, and gives a helpful acronym to remember them!

Revise and Edit Anchor Chart

Source: What’s Skow-ing on in 4th Grade


19. When to change paragraphs

The paragraph sign is really cute and fun, but how do kids know when to change paragraphs? This chart gives some ideas when a new paragraph is needed.

Change Paragraphs Anchor Chart

Source: Thrasher’s Fifth Grade Rockstars


20. Changes in the Earth

Change is inevitable, especially when it comes to our weather and our earth. Explain the differences between rapid and slow changes with this handy chart.

Changes in the Earth Anchor Chart

Source: Sharpening the Minds


21. How to disagree nicely

Disagreements will come, but 5th grades know that they can figure it out together. This chart helps them see that you can disagree…just do it nicely.

Disagree Anchor Chart

Source: Creating Readers and Writers


22. Weather maps

Weather patterns are fascinating to a 5th grader. Encourage kids to watch the weather on their local news station and then go through this weather map together as a class.

Weather Maps Anchor Chart

Source: Miller’s Science Space


23. Dear students

Fifth grade can be tough emotionally for these maturing kids. Remind them how you see them and tell them every day.

Dear Students Anchor Chart

Source: Thrasher’s Fifth Grade Rockstars


23 5th grade anchor charts to try in your classroom