5 of Our Favorite Winter Math Crafts

Welcome winter with these fun projects that combine math and art!

Welcome winter with these fun projects that combine math and art!


1. Snowman Measuring

Practice measuring by constructing a paper snowman! Encourage students to come up with their own measurements or give them specific measurements to follow – it’s up to you!


2. Snowflake Geometry

Students create popsicle stick snowflakes and find hidden angles and shapes within them! Check out Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational for a free printable on snowflake angles! Click here for an introductory activity to conduct before kids construct their snowflakes.


3. Area/Perimeter Snowflake

Students create a snowflake on grid paper and figure out the area and perimeter of their unique design!


4. Fraction Evergreen

Hand out green construction paper and have students create an evergreen of bar fractions!



5. Koch Snowflake Art

Integrate art and geometry by constructing a Koch Snowflake. Students draw an equilateral triangle. Then, they keep adding smaller equilateral triangles to create a symmetrical snowflake. Click here for an interactive tutorial. Visit Wonder How To: Math Craft to see how to construct a koch snowflake out of pennies! Check out Hektor for 3-dimensional versions!