4 Simple Steps to Making a Schoolyard Songbird Habitat

Songbirds are in decline, but your students can help!

songbird habitat

If you’re looking for ways to create hands-on science activities this school year, we have an idea for you:  What about helping your class build a songbird habitat in your schoolyard and then spending the year studying the species it attracts?  Here are four simple and fun steps to help reverse songbird decline, while studying nature!


1. Provide Food

Plant native plants and add feeders filled with high-quality bird food like Scotts Songbird Selections NutriThrive™


2. Supply Water

Birdbaths, ponds, and fountains are a perfect way for songbirds to drink and bathe.



3. Create Shelter

Plant trees and shrubs to provide proper shelter from predators and harsh weather.


4. Make Nests

Place a few birdhouses near bushes or trees to create a place for songbirds to nest and raise their young.