23 of the Best 3rd Grade Anchor Charts for Your Classroom

Our top picks to try in your classroom this year!

Collage of 3rd grade anchor charts

Using anchor charts in your classroom is a great way to help kids learn, understand and remember by visualization. Here are 23 of our favorite 3rd grade anchor charts.

1. Multiplication Strategies

These multiplication strategies will help students struggling with multiplying to visualize the different ways to multiply according to the numbers used.

Multiplication Strategies

Source: My Classroom Ideas


2. Point of View

This chart shows which words to look for when figuring out the author’s point of view when reading. Get more reading comprehension anchor charts here.


Point of View

Source: Mrs. Spangler in the Middle


3. Rounding Chart

Rounding numbers can get tricky. This 3rd grade anchor chart from Mrs. Zimmerman shows how to do it with a rhyme.

Rounding Chart

Source: Mrs. Zimmerman’s 3rd Grade


4. What is Area? 

Show students how to measure space inside a shape with this chart on area.

What Is Area

Source: Kirby’s 3rd Grade Corner


5. Area and Perimeter

Here’s another way to show area and perimeter on anchor charts.

Area and Perimeter

Source: Teaching in Flip Flops


6. Similes and Metaphors

Add this chart to your classroom when learning about similes and metaphors in reading and writing.

Similes and Metaphors

Source: Teaching in Paradise


7. Story Elements

Discussing the elements of a story are easy with this visual chart.

Story Elements

Source: Teaching with a Mountain View 


8. Different Kinds of Lines

Learn about the different kinds of lines with this handy anchor chart.

Lines Anchor Chart

Source: Elkins School District


9. Fractions

Fractions are simplified with this useful chart that visualizes them so kids can easily understand.

Fractions Anchor Chart

Source: Multi-Grade Matters


10. Measuring Weight

This chart will help students estimate how much something would weigh by using the correct measurement terms.

Weight Anchor Chart

Source: 4th Grade Funky Town 


11. Comma Use

Comma usage is difficult to understand, but this chart on teaching comma rules is a helpful introduction to the ways we use commas when writing.

Comma Usage Anchor Chart

Source: Book Units Teacher


12. Growth Mindset

Sometimes kids get discouraged. Have them come up with encouraging words to find more positive ways to overcome obstacles with this anchor chart.

What to Say Anchor Chart

Source: 3rd Grade Thoughts


13. Contraction Refresher

This anchor chart reminds kids how to use an apostrophe to make a contraction.

Contractions Anchor Chart

Source: Babbling Abby


14. Earth Day Anchor Chart

This pretty and informational chart will encourage students to give ways that they can help the Earth.

Earth Day Anchor Chart

Source: Teaching with Terhune


15. Figurative Language Terms

When introducing these big terms used in writing, this handy chart will help kids decode what they mean using examples.

Figurative Language

Source: Crafting Connections


16. Compound Sentences

This fun figure will help kids see how to form compound sentences in their writing.

Compound Sentences

Source: 4th Grade Space


17. Using a Ruler

Teach students to measure to the 1/4 inch with this helpful anchor chart.

Read a Ruler

Source: Teaching in Wonderland


18. States of Matter

Show the different states of matter using an anchor chart and have kids find examples in magazines or other sources to add to the chart.

States of Matter

Source: Jessica Meacham

19. Elements of a Good Story

Beginning storytellers can benefit from this chart on which parts to include in their stories.

Elements of a Good Story

Source: 3rd Grade Thoughts 


20. Noun Know-How

This fun anchor chart lets kids come up with examples of nouns to use in their writing.

Nouns Anchor Chart

Source: A Cupcake for the Teacher


21. Writing Letters

Have kids fill out the different part of this letter together so they can understand how to write their own letters.

Writing Letters

Source: 3rdGradeThoughts.com


22. Telling Time

Students will find it easy to tell time by creating this chart and putting it near your classroom clock.

Telling Time

Source: Flip Flop Teacher


23. A Great Classmate

Create your ideal classmate together by discussing the traits that make a classmate great by what he or she says and does. Here are some more classroom management anchor charts.

Good Classmate

Source: 3rd Grade Thoughts