26 Teachers On What They Wish They Could Give Their Students

Touching and inspiring answers!

“If you could give your students one gift, what would it be?” That was the question that recently surfaced on our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group. The answers both touched and inspired us. Below is just a sampling.

Keep on doing the hard work you do every day, teachers. You are making a difference. Happy holidays!

A Safe, Stable, Loving Home…

“A loving, stable home with food, a bed and heat.” —Melana H.

“A warm bed to call their own … we have several that are homeless and don’t even know it.” —Richard K.

“Stable, safe, pantry-filled homes.” —Michelle D.


“A good meal every day over the break.” —Kelsey L.

“Stability.” —Amy H.

“A life without poverty in it.” —Christy B.

… With People Who Love and Care for Them

“A safe place to live with parents who are involved in their lives and care about school.” —Michelle P.

“Loving, caring and safe homes where they are given attention and valued as a contributing member of their family.” —Trisha M.

“A loving home where they’re taken care of and able to be a kid!” —Heather S.

“Time and attention from positive adult role models.” —Dawn K.

“Parents who care about them and their success.” —Carol L.

“Love.” —Jody S.

A Belief in Themselves

“Confidence in themselves.” —Stephanie B.

“A belief in their own ability.” —Carron P.

“Something to boost their confidence.” —Tiffani D.

“The knowledge that they are beautiful.” —Tuesday D.

“The gift of world peace would be my most ideal … but since that may be too broad, I would say the gift of self-acceptance: to embrace who they are without comparison to others, to find their interests and strengths and soar!” —Alexandra W.

“The understanding that they ALL can succeed.” —Matt S.

“The ability to always love themselves and know they are worthy even if others do not.” —Demanda W.

A Love of Learning …

“A realization that being able to learn is the greatest gift, a treasure that must never be squandered nor taken for granted.” —Denise W.

“The gifts of confidence and desire to learn. Yeah, I know that’s two, but my students (maybe yours too) need both, together!!” —Harmony M.

“Take away the cell phones and give them books to read” —John L.

… And the Skills to Succeed as a Learner

GRIT. My kids are quitters this year. The going gets tough, they guess or quit. Been spending a LOT of time on grit.” —Ann B.

“Perseverance and common sense.” —Gabriella C.

“Work ethic.” —Christina H.

“Motivation to want to succeed and be their best.” —John L.

A safe, stable home with people who love and care for them, a belief in themselves, a love of learning and the skills to succeed as a learner. We think this list speaks volumes about our jobs and our students. What would you add?


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