25 Student Poll Questions for Secondary Students (Newsletter Content)

Get your students talking!

Whether you want to write them on the board or ask students verbally during down time, these poll questions are great for building community and engagement!

Remember, keep it light: these should be fun and low-stakes. It’s also good to keep an “other” column as a response for students who inevitably need a write-in response 🙂

  1. TikTok or Instagram?
  2. Snow cones or ice cream?
  3. Best day of the week?
  4. Would you rather have to live without music or movies/TV?
  5. Summer or winter Olympics?
  6. Bagels or toast?
  7. Would you go to space if given the opportunity?
  8. Would you rather be able to know the future or change the past?
  9. Fruit/vanilla ice cream family or chocolate/caramel/nut ice cream family?
  10. Is breakfast or dinner better?
  11. Best fruit?
  12. Best vegetable?
  13. If you could teleport anywhere for a day, where would you go?
  14. Ranch dressing or vinaigrette?
  15. Favorite TV show as a child?
  16. Do you prefer writing with pencil or pen?
  17. Mountains or beach?
  18. Which mythical creature represents you best?
  19. Lake or ocean?
  20. Would you rather spend a week in the Arctic or the desert?
  21. If you could download a language into your brain to immediately be able to speak fluently, which would it be?
  22. Is pineapple pizza or candy corn worse?
  23. Documentaries or movies?
  24. Beach or pool?
  25. Pizza or tacos?