25 Ideas for Flexible, Fun Classroom Job Charts

Check out these amazing job charts we found !

In my classroom, the job chart really gets hard use and rarely lasts more than one season. But I don’t mind too much, because there are so many cute ideas out there that I actually like changing it up every year.  Check out these fun classroom job chart examples we found all over the internet using cheap and easy-to-find resources.

1. Bucket loads of helpers

Adorable pirate-themed job chart.

SOURCE: Frogs, bees, under the seas


2. A rainbow of duties

Perfect for your art classroom.

SOURCE: Adventures of an Art Teacher


3. Sneaky space job chart

Love how this one is tucked onto the side of the filing cabinet. Perfect place to use magnets.

SOURCE: First Grade Made


4. Star helpers

Love the job descriptions on this one.



5. Apron job chart

Every pocket has a job and the spoons inside each have a student name or number. Perfect for Home Ec class.



6. Job wheel

Create this awesome wheel to help kids keep track of classroom tasks. Jobs go on the inner wheel, kids rotate around.

Source: Teach-a-Roo


7. Reverse Job Wheel

Kids in the middle, jobs rotate around.
Use dry erase markers in case your class list changes or you want to tweak the jobs.

photo-18Source: Cookin’ Up in First


8. Colorful Library Pockets

Love the way the black background makes these colorful pockets pop!

classroom job charts

Source: CraftingwithKatie


9. Help Wanted

Clever newspaper background on this super cute job chart.


Source: The Teaching Excellence Program


10. Popsicle Stick People

Avatars! Have your students decorate their own little person to fit into a job pocket.


Source: TheLittleSchoolCommunityBlog


11. Happy Helper Octopus

A pocket for each arm. (For the rare 8-job classroom.)


Source: Creating and Teaching


12. I help, you help, we all help

Pockets are sort of like iPhones, and kids love iPhones.

Source: This Elementary Life


13. Colorful clips

Colorful job descriptions with room on the side for clips. Notice the “job applications” folder beneath. Adorable (and practical).


Source: Lena’s Leaders


14. Ribbon clips

Laminate the job cards so they survive all the clipping that will happen during the year. Kids “on vacation” from jobs for the week can be attached to the ribbon at the bottom. If anyone is absent, those kids can fill in.

Source: The Classroom Creative


15. Circle clips

Clip-on colorful circles attached to ribbons- so cute! Circle shapes could be turned into planets, animals, or faces with different expressions. You can sturdy paper plates as your circle templates.


Source: The Vintage Modern Wife


16. Downloadable job cards

Laminated job cards on polka-dotted background and funky clothespins make a pretty display.


Source: Bright Polka Dots


17. More downloadable job cards


Source: Fourth Grade Frolics


18. Busy bees job chart

Your classroom will buzz along with the help of busy bee helpers.

SOURCE: Teachers Notebook


19. Helping hands job chart

Students can create their own handprint cards to personalize this job chart.

Source: Mrs. Possum’s Class


20. Baseball job chart

Love that the kids that don’t have a job for the week are in the “dugout.”

Source: Clutter Free Classroom


21. Rockin’ responsibilities

Like a giant iPod!


Source: Fun and Fearless in First


22. Get hopping!

Get those kiddos hoppin’ with these colorful frogs and lily pads!


Source: Teachers Net Gazette


23. Happy helpers

Every little monkey in the jungle has a job!

Source: CreativeTeachingPress


24. Keeping it simple

If you like to keep it simple and straight to the point.

Source: McElhinny’sCenterStage


25. Colorful pocket chart

Or, you can spruce it up with a little color.

Source: 2happyteachers


26. Personalized pocket chart

This chart may be store-bought but you can personalize the nameplates with  photos of your kids.

Source: Seusstastic


27. Magnetic job chart

Click here to make your own magnetic job board.

Source: 4men1lady.com

And to go with it, check out these cute magnets.  And  these!

job charts

28. Magnetic job chart with laminated cards

Look how great this magnet job board turned out! And so easy to use over and over each year.

Source: 3rd Grade Thoughts

29. Out of this world helpers

A rocket ship full of helpers to keep your classroom in stellar shape.

SOURCE: MPM School Supplies

30. Colorful helpers

Simple design to DIY, colorful and easy to read.


For more great ideas and examples of job charts, check out our WeAreTeachers Classroom Jobs Pinterest board.


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