21 Upcycling Hacks for the Classroom

Teachers are so resourceful!

It’s Earth Month, which makes it a great time to remind your students to reduce, reuse, recycle … and upcycle! As a teacher, you’re probably well aware of the art of upcycling. After all, budgets are tight, so you have to be as resourceful as possible in the classroom. Here are some of our favorite upcycling hacks for the classroom.
1. Tire Chairs 
An inexpensive way to give new life to your reading nook.
SOURCE: Itsy Bits and Pieces

2. Ruler Organizer
You’ll have the most organized math station in school.
SOURCE: 3rd Grade Grid Iron

3. Author’s Chair
Pick up an old chair at the thrift store for a couple of bucks, and turn it into this!
Polka Dot Chair
SOURCE: Color Me Happy

4. CD Wind Spinners
This is a fun and easy art project, perfect for spring.
SOURCE: Happy Hooligans

5. Bottle Cap Bugs
Finally, a use for bottle caps!
Bottle-Cap-Bugs-Artzy-Creations-3a copy
SOURCE: Made From Pinterest


6. Soup Can Pencil Holders
A little inspiration from Andy Warhol makes great desk organizers.
SOURCE: Young House Love

7. Monster Organization 
This are just genius, made from shampoo bottles and perfect for hanging on the wall near your art area.
SOURCE: Madame Criativa

8. Crayon Station 
With a little paint, you’ll have another creative item for your art area.
SOURCE: Thrift Diving

9. Jar Organizers
You know all those mason jars you’ve held on to? Time to fill ’em up!
Jar Organizers
SOURCE: What the Teacher Wants

10. Book Clock
This is an awesome way to recognize your favorite children’s book.
SOURCE: Nerdy With Children

11. Pallet Chair
Your students will probably fight over who gets to sit in this book chair.
SOURCE: Pallet Ideas

12. Rainbow Crayon Organizer
Anything color-coded is a good idea in the classroom.
rainbow crayon organizer
SOURCE: Sugar Bee Crafts

13. Ruler Hooks
Now those coat hooks can double as a math lesson.
SOURCE: Dishfunctional Designs

14. Magnetic Paper Bins
When something from your recycling bin helps you organize your endless pile of papers, we consider that a big win.
Magnetic Cereal Boxes

15. Portable LEGO
This is a genius idea for holding LEGO bricks or other small manipulatives.

16. Craft Stools
These crates double as seating and storage!
SOURCE: Home Talk

17. Chalkboard Globe
Write a daily message or inspirational quote on your chalkboard globe.
SOURCE: Knock Off Decor

18. Message Board 
A little glue, clothespins and Scrabble tiles can create an easy classroom message board.
teacher gift pen and paint
SOURCE: Pen and Paint

19. Teacher Chair Redo
You won’t mind your old beat-up chair once you give it a new look.
teacher chair redo
SOURCE: Teach Outside the Box

20. Natural Block Area
You don’t need fancy toys to entertain students. Keep a basket of blocks and sticks for building.
basket of blocks and sticks
SOURCE: Picklebums

21. Milk Jug Containers
These easy containers even come with a built-in handle.
Plastic Milk Crafts
SOURCE: The Krazy Coupon Lady