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Have a great 2018!

2018 Teacher Calendar

Don’t bother buying a calendar—we’ve got your free 2018 teacher calendar right here.

Each month has a different theme with great prompts, questions, and inspiration for you and your students. Love Dr. Seuss? You’re going to love March, which includes a Dr. Seuss quote for each day. Need self-care ideas? June is the month you’re looking for. Enjoy icebreakers? You’ll have plenty to choose from during the month of August!

Keep this great calendar for yourself or gift it to your students, parents, or fellow teachers.

Download the full 2018 teacher calendar here!

Printable Teacher Calendar for 2018

Free Teacher Printable Calendar for 2018

Print this FREE Teacher Calendar from WeAreTeachers

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  1. I love this calendar but unfortunately it doesn’t work so well for those of us in Australia. Any chance you can edit a version for us? Our summer holiday month is January, our first month of the school year is February. Some of the months could stay the same as they are calendar related but those relating to the school year or seasons would need to be swapped. I know it’s a big ask.

  2. Adebayo Osifeso January 5, 2018 at 2:45 pm

    this fantastic. good work, well done

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