17 Fresh Middle School Activities for After School

We turned to our teacher audience to compile this awesome list.

Middle School Activities

Middle school activities are sometimes hard to come by. Sure, you’ve thought of all the generic ideas, but what about something different that will really engage your students? One of our HELPLINERS recently wrote:

“I teach middle school and would like to come up with something to do for an after-school activity. We already have sports, a generic homework help room and a few other things. Does anyone know of any new middle school activities? Probably one day a week, maybe two.”

Our teacher group offered so many good ideas–from Best Buddy programs to learning about new cultures to playing Pokémon (yes, Pokémon)–that we knew we had to share. Here are some of our favorites.

Meet Someone New
“Bring in guest speakers to talk about different careers.” –Martha H.

“Community service club – so much fun! And middle schoolers love it.” –Stephanie M.


“We have a Best Buddies program at our school. We foster friendships between grade levels, do service projects for the school and community, read to lower grade levels, sponsor dances, etc. It’s a feel good club!” –Melissa R.

“My biggest success was a multicultural league where we study new cultures each month. We watch videos, make crafts, attempt to learn the language and most importantly, we make and eat the food. The kids love it.” –Stephanie J.

Express Yourself
“Theater, theater, theater!” –Julie T.

“Film club. There’s an organization that you can sign up to that will lend films. It’s great for getting every child involved in discussing the story line, not just the ones that can read the book.” –Tessa H.

Get Moving
“Think of something that’s fun, but not necessarily geared towards students who love athletics. Maybe yoga or dance.” –Kathryn G.

“There are tons of great clubs to get middle schoolers invested! Check out Girls on the Run.” –Rebekah D.

Bring On the Games
“On the funny side we have a Pokémon club and an anime club.” –O’Donna T.

“LEGO club! You’d be amazed what kind of attendance and level of participation you can get from giving kids a chance to build creatively and cooperatively!” –Anita K.

Write It Out
“How about focusing on card making for the holidays? They could create gifts for senior adults and veterans, too.” –Billie W.

“Believe it or not, my kids really want to learn cursive! Calligraphy combined with classic cursive may reach some of the quieter souls.” –Rehtaeh E.

“Mindfulness coloring!” –Sarah L.

Make it Yummy
“Cooking classes are a big hit!” –Sandie W.

“Depending on where you live, you could garden. Try growing vegetables and flowers for special occasions.” –Lyne L.

Keep It Educational
“STEM/STEAM activities are becoming very popular and could give students a chance to really explore their creativity and problem solving ideas. It would also allow for adequate time for the students to really dive in, as opposed to the limited time available during the regular school day.” –Terri M.

What are the most popular after-school middle school activities at your school?