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Resources for Teaching with The Bad Guys

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Bet you think these are just your typical teaching resources, but these are the real deal, bonafide Bad Guys activities, specially designed for Grades 1-3! Are you ready? You’d better be, baby!

Are you more Mr. Wolf or Mr. Snake?

Share this link with your students and invite them to take this quick, 8-question quiz to find out!

Quiz: Which Bad Guy Are You?
The Bad Guys Printable Bookmarks

The Bad Guys Bookmarks

Hand these out and encourage students to track the Bad Guys books they’ve read

The Bad Guys teacher letter plus all activities

All Resources

Teacher instruction letter plus all our Bad Guys activities

The Bad Guys Writing Activity

Writing Activity: Write Your Own Bad Guys Story

Students use this comic template to imagine their own Bad Guys mission

The Bad Guys Drawing Activity

Drawing Activity: Draw Your Own Bad Guy

Students illustrate a new Bad Guy in a disguise

The Bad Guys Reader's Theater Script

Reader’s Theater Script

With roles for Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, and Mr. Shark

The Bad Guys Code-Cracking


Students use the code box to discover the Bad Guys’ secret

The Bad Guys Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast

A Venn diagram to compare and contrast two Bad Guys

More Ideas for Teaching with The Bad Guys

The Bad Guys cover on a blue background

How To Use The Bad Guys To Teach Point of View

Because, to hear Mr. Wolf tell it, we’ve got him all wrong.