Classroom Winter Crafts That Will Warm Your Students’ (and Their Parents’) Hearts

Welcome winter with these adorable classroom winter crafts for your elementary students.

17 Classroom Winter Crafts

The weather’s turning, the holidays are approaching, and kids are getting wiggly!  Sounds like a perfect time to get creative! Try one (or more!) of these adorable, easy-to-do classroom winter crafts and watch your kids light up.

1. Fingerprint snow people

Tiny canvases, acrylic paint and toothpicks (oh, and fingers!) are all you need for this adorable keepsake.

winter classroom crafts

SOURCE: A Cupcake for the Teacher


2. Mini clay bowls

winter classroom crafts

SOURCE: Parents Magazine


3. Custom Candles

Heat transfer is used to make these delightful original candles. So clever!

classroom crafts

SOURCE: Come Together Kids


4. Snowy Owl

All you need are pipe cleaners, googly eyes, cotton balls and a pinecone- and Voila! a sweet little critter to add to their nest.


SOURCE: Art Experience for Tots


5. Pasta Snowflakes

Who knew coffee filters, straws and wagon wheel pasta could be so adorable? Tape them to your classroom windows or bulletin board to create a winter wonderland.


SOURCE: I Heart Crafty Things


6. Popcorn Santa

A little bit of snacking will definitely happen when your kids make this project. You just might need to have some hot chocolate on hand to go with it.


SOURCE: Crafty Morning


7. Felt Bowls

These colorful felt bowls are perfect for storing small things like coins, paper clips, etc. The craft is simple, but has many steps so may be best for upper elementary kids. Follow links to the article to get to the video.

classroom crafts

Source: Parents Magazine


8. Pom-pom Pinecones

So colorful and happy- hang them on a tree branch suspended from your ceiling or doorframe or send them home as ornaments for a Christmas tree.


SOURCE: Craftionary


9. Winter Tree Silhouette

Use masking tape to create the shape of a winter tree, then paint a watercolor wash over the whole page. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape and you have this beautiful winter scene.


SOURCE: Inner Child Fun 


10. Polar Bear Mask

Who could resist a fuzzy face like this?  Pair this craft with a cozy read-aloud of a good book like The Little Polar Bear by Hans deBeer or Dancer Under the Lights: Polar Bears, Climate and You by Joe Sacco.


SOURCE: I Heart Crafty Things


11. Snowflake Tree

Here’s a fun twist on the age-old art of paper snowflakes. All you need is a bundle of sticks, some white copy paper and scissors. Warning- you might want to have the recycle bin handy to capture all the scraps!


SOURCE: The Spruce


12. Macaroni Menorah

Create this Hanukkah keepsake with everyday items from your pantry plus paper, glue and paint.


SOURCE: SheKnows 


13. Handprint Wreath

Make this sweet wreath with construction paper or felt. Be sure to use two different green colors to make it really life-like. Make the berries tout of red pom-poms to add a 3-D effect.


SOURCE: My Name is Snickerdoodle


14. Star of David Mobile

Craft sticks of different sizes, glue, blue and white paint, string and q-tips dipped into sparkly paint are all you need to create this dazzling dangler.


SOURCE: Crayola 


15. Stained Glass Mittens

Your kids will love seeing the sunlight dance across these stained glass mittens. You provide the frame, then they glue down squares of tissue paper. Simple!


Source: Kindercraze


16. Melted Snowmen

A new twist on the classic snowman craft. Sense of humor definitely required!


SOURCE: Live Craft Love


17. Curlicue Wreath

Practice those fine motor skills with this craft and create these cheerful wreaths with construction paper, tape and a good pair of scissors!


SOURCE: Our Small Town Idaho Life


18. Paper Plate Penguins

Another adorable critter to add to their collection! Pair this project with a read-aloud of one of the many hilarious adventures of Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester.


SOURCE: Our Potluck Family 


19. String of Lights Cards

This one’s perfect for little ones- all they need to do is dip their little thumbs into different colored paints, press them onto the paper, then draw a squiggly line to connect them.  Help them glue their string of lights onto folded construction paper to create a festive holiday card to give to their family or friends.


SOURCE: Beneath the Rowan Tree


20. Ripped Paper Tree

Wondering what to do with all the scraps of paper taking up space in your construction paper bin? This craft is perfect for creating a quick, colorful collage.


SOURCE: Think Outside the Sandbox

What are your favorite classroom winter crafts? Please share in the comments and we’ll add to this list. 

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