68 Classroom Door Ideas To Welcome Winter and the Holidays

‘Tis the season to get creative!

Examples of winter classroom doors, including one with silly snowmen faces and one with a polar bear peeking through the window.
We Are Teachers / Tara Lynn via Pinterest / apexelementaryart.blogspot.com

Snow is falling, sleigh bells are ringing, and winter is here! These winter and holiday classroom doors are full of cheer and frosty joy. Regardless of your favorite holiday movie, there is something cinematic for everyone with doors on our list inspired by Home Alone, Charlie Brown, Elf, Rudolph, and a Christmas Story. There are doors that will inspire science teachers, language arts teachers, and even librarians. We especially love the doors that use photos of your students to create little elves or even penguins. Find inspiration here for a holiday door-decorating contest, or choose one of these to make your students’ winter days a little bit brighter. Enjoy looking through our favorite holiday classroom doors!

1. Vincent van Snow

winter classroom doors include this one decorated with a snowman in a Van Gogh style
@doubleloadedpaint/Every Snowflake is a Work of Art via Instagram

Turn your door into a Snowy Starry Night with this super-fun door idea. While it is perfect for art rooms, really anyone who loves Vincent van Gogh’s art would adore this unique door design.

2. Adventure to Narnia

Classroom door decorated with a streetlight and snowy pine and a sign showing the way to Narnia
Stephanie Kiesewetter/Narnia Classroom Door via Pinterest

Fans of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe will certainly respond to the inviting nature of this door. It would be especially fantastic for a school library.

3. Chill Out With a Good Book

Classroom door decorated with snowmen reading books. Text reads Chill Out With a Good Book.
The Classroom Creative/Reading Bulletin Board Ideas via theclassroomcreative.com

Speaking of book lovers, how cute is this door? Have each student make a snowman and then personalize the book cover with one of their own favorites.

4. Green Christmas

Door decorated with a Christmas tree made of empty plastic bottles painted green
@mountairefarms via Instagram

While this smart door makes for a cute holiday design, it also spreads an important environmental message! Raid the recycling bin for some empty bottles and then paint them green to make up the tree. (Tip: Use washable paint so you can clean them off and recycle them once the holidays are over.)

5. Giant Reindeer

Winter classroom doors include this one decorated with a giant reindeer head, with ornaments hanging from the antlers
@buggyaboutkinder via Instagram

This larger-than-life reindeer is bound to make folks smile whenever they walk by your classroom! Have students decorate ornaments and then hang them from his antlers.

6. Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Classroom door decorated with white paint footprints reading Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Apex Art/Apex Elementary Door Decorating Contest via apexelementaryart.blogspot.com

Ready to get a little messy? Let kids dip their feet in paint and then make footprints on a large sheet of paper. Finally, turn them into snowmen and decorate your door!

7. Winter Art Supplies

Classroom door decorated with a wintry scene and art supplies (Winter Classroom Door)
@clintonartists via Instagram

Art teachers and school supply fanatics will undoubtedly get a kick out of this idea! The clean and simple design is also pretty easy to make.

8. Silent Night

Classroom door with paper lights and text reading This class is only silent at night.
@heypreschool via Instagram

Every other teacher will snicker knowingly when they see this design on your door. Students can contribute by coloring in the light bulbs.

9. Snowy Day

Classroom door decorated with a scene from the book Snowy Day
@childcareoptions via Instagram

If your students love Ezra Jack Keats’ The Snowy Day, then try re-creating one of the book’s iconic illustrations. The use of felt here adds a nice touch of texture.

10. Double Wonderland

Winter classroom doors include these two classroom doors decorated with blue and white to look like a lighted winter landscape
@laviv04 via Instagram

These side-by-side doors look simply amazing with their light-up snowy winter landscape. This idea takes some time and effort, but you can keep it up all winter long.

11. Poster Frame Inspiration

Three classroom doors are shown decorated with presents, polar bears, and snowmen.
We Are Teachers

All three of these winter and holiday classroom doors are easy to make, using a poster frame as a cool 3D element. Check out our video walk-through to learn how it’s done.

12. Sweet Snow Globes

Winter Classroom Doors Lessons With Laughter1
Molly Maloy/Snow Globes Writing Lesson and Craft via lessonswithlaughter.com

Use clear plastic plates to make personalized snow globes for your door. Then have students use them as inspiration for a writing assignment: “The Day I Spent in a Snow Globe.”

13. 3D Tree

A door is decorated to look like a large Christmas tree.
Conversations in Literacy/Christmas Surprises and Fun via conversationsinliteracy.com

The terrific thing about winter classroom doors like this one is the versatility. Putting it up before Christmas? Add decorations and some presents underneath. Are you later into the winter? Go with snowflakes and maybe add a winter bird or two.

14. Swingin’ Snowman

Winter classroom doors include this one that shows a snowman swinging on a string of colored Christmas lights.
Abigail via Pinterest

Regardless of your artistic prowess, this cheery snowman is simple enough for any teacher to create. Make this door last beyond the holidays by substituting a swing of pine branches for the lights!

15. Snow Bird

Winter Classroom Doors include this one with a sign and a cardinal sitting on the top.
Christina Pickrell/Winter Classroom Door via Instagram

Show off the wide variety of learning that’s going on in your classroom during the winter season with this adorable door design.

16. Fa La La La Llama

Winter Classroom Doors include this one with a llama with a santa hat on.
@hangingwithmrshulsey via Instagram

Llamas are everywhere these days, so why not add one to your classroom door? This one is cute as a button!

17. Penguin Stacking

Winter Classroom Doors include this one that features penguins.
Johanna/Penguin Winter Door Decorating Contest via Pinterest

Penguins are always a welcome sight for kids, so they’re the perfect choice for winter and holiday classroom doors. Have kids help you make and personalize them, so they feel involved in the process.

18. Oh Deer!

A pink classroom door says Oh Deer! and features a reindeer with a red nose hanging upside down.
Rebecca Jones/My Classroom Door! LOVE! via Pinterest

Uh oh! This deer is having a little trouble, but we bet he’ll make kids laugh anyway!

19. Perky Penguin

A classroom door is decorated to look like a large penguin wearing a blue hat and scarf.
Art with Mrs. Nguyen/Holiday Decorated Classroom Doors via artwithmrsnguyen.com

Here’s another penguin, and one that’s actually pretty simple to create with big sheets of butcher paper. The 3D beak is a nice touch.

20. Gone to the Beach

A classroom door is decorated with different items from Santa's suit.
Teacher’s Brain/School Holiday Door Decorating Contest via teachersbrain.com

Even Santa needs a day off now and then! We especially love the detail of real seashells along the bottom of this door.

21. Mele Kalikimaka

A winter themed door is decorated with a palm tree.
Mrs. Geiger’s 3rd Grade Class/Christmas Door Decorating Contest via geigers3rdgrade.weebly.com

Another tropical take. Give your door a Hawaiian spin with a palm tree instead of a pine.

22. Take a Selfie

A classroom door is decorated with the body of an elf and it says Take a Selfie.
Lucky Little Learners/Christmas Door Decorations via luckylittlelearners.com

What could be more fun than a door that doubles as an interactive photo spot? Every kid in the school will want their own elfie selfie!

23. Rudolph in the Dark

Winter classroom doors include this one that is black and has writing that says Rudolph in the Dark. There is a red nose on the black.
Lvsocia Blogspot/Creativity is Contagious via lvsocia.blogspot.com

We love a simple door that still packs a big punch. This one will surely get a chuckle out of everyone that passes by.

24. Out of This World

Winter classroom doors include this one with a black background and a snowman made up of planets.
@jet via Pinterest

A snowman made out of planets? This is one of the cleverest holiday classroom door ideas we’ve seen yet!

25. Science of Snow

A classroom door features snowflakes and a beaker pouring over the top of it.
Stephanie Massey/Science of Snowflakes via Pinterest

Science teachers will obviously love this option. Not only is it pretty, but it’s educational too.

26. Oh, Chemis-tree

A door says Oh-Chemis-Tree and features a Christmas tree made up of the periodic table of the elements
@simplyscientific/Oh Chemis-Tree via Instagram

Another one for the science lovers! This is an easy door to put together, but the pun makes it a real winner.

27. Appy Holidays

Winter classroom doors include this one that is made to look like a phone with apps on it.
Shayna Marissa via Pinterest

Line your door with black butcher paper, then let your students have fun coming up with “apps” for this techno-savvy idea.

28. Singing Reindeer

A door is made to look like Rudolph holding a caroling book while singing.
Bryanna Michel/Christmas Door Contest via Pinterest

We’re not sure, but we have a feeling this reindeer might be singing a bit out of tune. His heart’s in the right place, though!

29. Handprint Tree

A Christmas tree is made up of handprints.
Apex Art/Apex Elementary’s Door Decorating Contest via apexelementaryart.blogspot.com

While this is a classic holiday design, we love that the tree has a couple of cool personal touches. Kids’ handprints cut from construction paper make up the fir needles, plus each ornament is decorated with a photo of a student!

30. Spread Christmas Cheer

A door is decorated to look like Buddy the Elf from the movie Elf.
Jennie Knight via Pinterest

Help Buddy the Elf get the word out: Singing is a sure way to spread holiday cheer!

31. The Nutcracker

A classroom door is decorated to look like a nutcracker.
Rewa Blackstar/Nutcracker via Pinterest

Read kids the story of The Nutcracker, or show a video of the ballet, so they understand why these figures are a symbol of the holidays.

32. Reindeer Stable

A door is decorated to look like a reindeer stable.
Apex Art/Apex Elementary’s Door Decorating Contest via apexelementaryart.blogspot.com

Pssst … we don’t think these reindeer are entirely honest! They’re pretty adorable, though.

33. Worth Melting For

Winter classroom doors include this one that has a cut out of Olaf from Frozen on it.
Lauren Martinez via Pinterest

Olaf is here to spread holiday cheer! Oh, and he also likes warm hugs.

34. Not Such a Bad Little Door

A classroom door is decorated with the characters from Charlie Brown and the famous shabby Christmas tree from the movie.
@createwithcolor via Instagram

We had to include this cute door since it just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Peanuts characters. The holiday classic is full of timeless messages that kids of all ages can certainly appreciate.

35. Snoopy’s Christmas

A classroom door has Snoopy's dog house on it decorated for Christmas.
Debbie Davis/Charlie Brown Classroom Door Decoration via Pinterest

Here’s another Peanuts-inspired door, this one featuring Snoopy’s award-winning doghouse decorations!

36. Warm Up With a Latte

A latte with whip cream is on a classroom door. Text reads We love math a latte.
Amanda Davis/We Love Math A Latte via Pinterest

Holiday classroom doors aren’t just for the elementary crowd. This one would be a big hit with middle school and high school students since they probably love Starbucks as much as their teachers.

37. Elves at Work

A door says Caution Elves at Play and has elves with the students in the class's face on them.
Teacher’s Brain/School Holiday Door Decorating Contest via teachersbrain.com

Show off all your little elves by putting their faces on your classroom door. The “Elves Ahead” sign is optional … but awesome.

38. The Grinch

Mrs. Orman’s Classroom/Holiday Door Decorating via traceeorman.com

The Grinch is beloved, and for good reason. This simple door shares one of the best sentiments of all.

39. Gingerbread House

A door is made to look like a gingerbread house.
Lucky Little Learners/Christmas Door Decorations via luckylittlelearners.com

While this one might take some time to create, we can’t see stopping at the door when you can create the whole house. This idea is actually pretty easy to pull off, once you get your hands on some big sheets of butcher paper.

40. Walk-In Snow Globe

A door is decorated to look like a snonwglobe.
Jessica Newton/Snowglobe Classroom Door via Pinterest

We especially love winter and holiday classroom doors that have larger-than-life designs. It makes it feel like you’re stepping into a storybook instead of a classroom!

41. Silly Snowmen

A bunch of snowmen faces cover a door.
Apex Art/Apex Elementary’s Door Decorating Contest via apexelementaryart.blogspot.com

Your kids will have so much fun showing off their personalities with one of these holiday classroom doors full of unique snowman faces.

42. The Polar Express

Winter classroom doors include this one that is decorated to look like a train like the polar express.
Mrs. Orman’s Classroom/Holiday Door Decorating via traceeorman.com

Wow! We’re not saying you necessarily need to go all out with your door, but The Polar Express is always a good place to start.

43. Plastic Cup Snowman

A snowman is made up of white paper cups and lit up. It is used as a door decoration.
Janice McCarthy/Holiday Door Decoration Contest Entry via Pinterest

These plastic cup snowmen are easier to create than you might think. (Watch a how-to video here.) The addition of lights to this one really sets it apart.

44. The Ugly Sweater

A door is decorated to look like an ugly sweater.
Jennifer Guariniello Brewer/Ugly Sweater Holiday Door Decoration via Pinterest

Get in on the ugly holiday sweater trend by turning it into holiday classroom door decor. Go crazy since the more bling, the better!

45. Home Alone

Classroom door decorated with images from the movie Home Alone, with text reading "Making Mischief Holiday Style"- holiday classroom doors
Lindsey Engler/Home Alone Classroom Door via Pinterest

Ahhhhh! We’re loving this ode to Home Alone, since it is one of almost everyone’s favorite holiday movies.

46. Penguin Heads

Holiday classroom doors include this one decorated to look like a snowy slope, with penguins with pictures of students' faces
I Want to be a Super Teacher/Winter Classroom Door Decorations via Pinterest

This is another great idea for featuring your students! Just put their faces on the penguin heads.

47. Gingerbread Men

Holiday classroom doors include this one decorated with foil to look like a baking pan, with individually decorated gingerbread men
Apex Art/Apex Elementary’s Door Decorating Contest via apexelementaryart.blogspot.com

A roll of aluminum turns your classroom door into a baking pan. Have your kiddos design their own gingerbread people and then attach them to the foil!

48. Elf on the Shelf

Holiday classroom doors include this one decorated with a large image of an Elf on the Shelf, with text reading This classroom is under elf surveillance"
Jessica “Mueggenborg” McCollough/First Grade Classroom Door via Pinterest

Oh, that sneaky Elf on the Shelf! You never know where he’s going to show up next.

49. Peeking Polar Bear

Holiday classroom doors include this one decorated with a window with a polar bear peeking through
Tara Lynn/Preschool Classroom Door via Pinterest

Turn a photo frame into a window for a happy polar bear to peek through! Then add your students’ names on snowballs below.

50. Winter Kindness

Holiday classroom doors are decorated with a large mug of hot chocolate and mittens
Gardening Mom via Pinterest

It’s also always a good time to promote kindness in your classroom. This door design will last until spring flowers start to bloom.

51. Snow Much Fun

Holiday classroom doors include this one decorated with snowman looking up, with text reading We are Snow much fun
@smalltown_teaching via Instagram

Simple but effective, don’t you think? Have your students make their own snowflakes for a hands-on activity that also helps them contribute to the classroom door.

52. Igloo and Bubbles

Classroom door decorated to look like an igloo using foam takeout containers
@smalltownteaching/School Door Decorations via Instagram

Why yes, that is indeed a polar bear blowing bubbles and take-out containers turned into an igloo!

53. Fleece Navidad

Classroom door decorated with large lambs and text reading Fleece Navidad: We Wish Ewe a Merry Christmas- holiday classroom doors
@minamouse27/Feliz Navidad via Instagram

Cuddly little lambs wish “ewe” a happy holiday season. Such a charming idea!

54. Hippopotamus for Christmas

Classroom door decorated with a hippo in a large bag by a Christmas tree. Text reads "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas."
Marci Walbourn/I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas via Pinterest

Only a hippopotamus will do! Be warned, though: This song will get stuck in your head.

55. Triple Dog Dare

Classroom door decorated with a boy with his tongue stuck to a flagpole, with text reading Triple Dog Dare- holiday classroom doors
Rachel R/Christmas Door Decoration via Pinterest

As A Christmas Story taught us, no one turns down a triple dog dare … even when they really should. Poor Flip!

56. Rockin’ Around the Tree

Door with words "Rockin around the... In Ms. Cea's class!"
@WestwindElem/Westwind Elementary via X

Create a stunning holiday tree using green plastic cups. You can decorate the tree with any art supplies, but tinsel really makes it pop!

57. Merry Cactmas

Door with decor of a cactus and words "Merry and Bright"
@sweettoothteaching/Merry and Bright via Instagram

If your classroom has a cactus theme, or you just love succulents, than one of these holiday classroom doors is perfect for you! We love the addition of the winter accessories to keep the cactus warm. 

58. Have a Very Minion Holiday

Door with decor of a minion wearing Holiday decor
Nicole Maxwell/Minion Elf Classroom via Pinterest

This door is one in a minion! Disguise your minion friend as an elf for the holiday season.

59. Fire and Ice

Door with photos of Snow Miser and Heat miser
Mrs. Orman’s Classroom/Holiday Door Decorating via traceeorman.com

Snow Miser and Heat Miser can make an awesome debut in your classroom this year. Put that creativity to the test with one of these holiday classroom doors.

60. Pete the Catmas

Pete the Cat and Christmas presents on door
Heaven Ashley Designs/Pete the Cat Door Decorating Idea via Pinterest

The holiday season can be a stressful one, but leave it to Pete the Cat to bring some relaxing vibes to the classroom. Don’t stress, it’s all good!

61. Sledding Into the Winter

A classroom door is decorated with sledders going down a snow covered hill. Text reads 2nd grade is snow much fun.
Duck Brand/How-To: Winter-Themed Classroom Door with Duck Tape via duckbrand.com

We love that this oh so fun winter themed door is created using only duct tape and a roll of white paper. We especially think you’ll have fun selecting all the unique duct tape rolls in the craft aisle.

Source: How-To: Winter-Themed Classroom Door with Duck Tape at Duck Brand

62. Frosty’s Baby Picture

Holiday classroom doors include this one that is all red and has a tiny snowflake on it. Text reads Frosty's Baby Picture.
Teacher’s Mag/Winter Door Decorating Ideas via teachersmag.com

Some holiday classroom doors, like this one, are equally clever and festive! It will be fun to see how long it takes your students to get the joke!

63. Snow Much Fun

a door is blue with snowflakes falling around a snowman reading. Text reads It's cool to read.
Rainbows Within Reach/Winter Themed Decorated Classroom Doors via rainbowswithinreach.blogspot.com

We love a festive door that also encourages reading. The addition of the fluffy snow and real pine cones really makes the whole thing pop!

64. Winter Break Was Great

A classroom door says Winter Break was Great. It has mittens on it that student's have written writing prompts on.
Teaching with Kaylee B./New Year, New Decor via teachingwithkayleeb.com

Regardless of whether you are a teacher or a student, coming back from winter break can prove challenging. Writing about your favorite memory from the break can help ease back into learning while also providing decor for a door redo.

65. Dabbin Through the Snow

A sled has photos of kids in the class doing the dab dance and text reads Dabbin Through the Snow
Coshocton Tribune/Dazzling doors turn school into a winter wonderland via coshoctontribune.com

Show your students how hip you are by referencing a modern dance technique like dabbing! Make it personal to your class by taking photos of your students dabbing and adding them to the sleigh!

66. The Man in the Big Red Suit

Holiday classroom doors include this one that is decorated to look like Santa Clause.
Standard Democrat/Christmas Door Decorating Contest winners are announced via https://standard-democrat.com

You know who is coming to town! This door is so simple, but will have big appeal for the elementary school aged and younger crowd.

67. May The Flurries Be With You

A snowman head designed to look like a robot is holding a lightsaber on a door. Text reads May the flurries be with you
@richelleray15 via Instagram

This Star Wars inspired winter door will certainly appeal to the fans of the franchise and may even inspire a new generation of future lightsaber lovers.

68. Yeti for Winter

A classroom door says we're yeti for winter and it has a yeti and snowflakes on it.
@bitny_rtae via Instagram

Since kids (and teachers) love a good yeti, we think this door idea will be a big hit!

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