Why YOU, Yes You, Should Speak Up During This Year’s Faculty Meetings

It’s not a secret. Teachers are the most humble people in the universe. Shying away from recognition, cringing at the[…]Continue Reading

It’s not a secret. Teachers are the most humble people in the universe. Shying away from recognition, cringing at the thought of our names on the board, enjoying the comfort of the giggles of kids while we do our own thing in our own classrooms. It’s really a beautiful thing. Connecting with kids over dreams, content, deep thinking and inquiry. But what’s just as beautiful? Connecting with one another. The support to guide one another through the challenges. The inspiration to motivate us to push through difficulty. The ideas that take us down new roads, no matter how many thorns may be on the path ahead.

So reach out. Help each other. Open your doors, your minds and your hearts to be the ones that each of us needs. We are education.

You might be thinking, “I have nothing to share.” You are wrong.

I’ve thought that too. What if a student said that? We wouldn’t accept that. We know that every person, every heart, every soul has something to offer the world. It’swhy many of us teach. We need to be living, breathing examples of collaboration.

So, you, yes … YOU reading this post. You have much to offer the world. You have a voice that education needs. Blog your thoughts. Share your projects. Tweet your questions. Engage in the global community of learning. Have the courage to be you and share it. Share relentlessly. What if even one other teacher reads your thoughts and it’s the very thing he or she needs to hear?


Don’t hesitate, wondering who will listen, who will read it, who will need to hear it. If it’s inside you, the world needs it. It’s not always easy, but it’s necessary. We are the game changers. Not one single person alone but the chain of connections that we form together. The chain that makes us so powerful.

The chain built on sharing. Because when we share, we are never alone.

There is no game changer in education. Except you. Me. Us. Together. Lets go

Krissy Venosdale is an Innovation Coordinator, creative spirit and lifelong learner. She works every day toward making a world where all kids have the opportunities to pursue their greatest passions and are inspired to dream big. She shares her heart and soul of learning at venspired.com.