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Classroom Movement Matters:
How to Get Your School’s Minds and Bodies on Track

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Moving Minds was created for one reason—to help increase physical activity in the classroom. Our products are designed to help bring the benefits of movement and activity to the classroom environment in a way that benefits both teachers and students! Go Now>

Moderate to vigorous physical activity children  should engage in every day.
Time for exercise education experts recommend gets allotted for each school week.
Schools that do not meet the physical education minimum recommendation.
7 in 10 parents say their child’s school does not provide daily physical education.

What do you think has held your school back most from classroom movement?

“Your students will be able to reset their brains, and it will result in more attentive learning.”

While research shows movement—even just 5 minutes up from their desks per hour—provides greater learning, improved behavior and focus, it’s just not always that easy. But with great challenge comes great reward…solutions!

Five Minutes Per Hour…Can You Commit? So Many Possibilities!

Five minutes per hour. Think of all the creative and academic greatness that can be achieved with just five devoted minutes to movement! That math? It adds up to 30 extra minutes of movement in a 6-hour school day—that’s 150 minutes a week. Your staff and students will see and feel the difference. Game. Changer.

Here are some of our favorites…

Staff Skeptics? Have Your Team’s Back and Make it Happen, Captain.

One fourth grade teacher says she was worried that if she transitioned to 5 minutes of movement between subjects, she would lose too much valuable instruction time. But she found just the opposite. When she began working movements like jumping jacks during transitions, her kids stayed on-task longer.

Applaud your staff’s efforts. Discuss what works and doesn’t work on their classroom watch. Lead with an open mind…this is a team effort!

“Cultivate a “we’re in this together” mind-set in your school. Students will love seeing that physical activity is beneficial for people of all shapes, sizes and ability levels. Your teachers will appreciate your dedication and passion for the cause.”

Is classroom movement a regular part of your schools daily plan?

And Now for a Little Video Inspiration…

Pass it along to your teachers. Play it at the next school assembly. No matter when or where, your school community will be inspired to move it, shake it, get up (and get down) with YouTube star MyLifeSuckers’ hilariously fun original rap.

Burn excess energy. Re-focus their attention. Find out how your teachers can get students’ bodies and minds ready to learn with all the great classroom tools and resources from Moving Minds!

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