What If Saved By the Bell Were Set in 2017?

Here’s a look at how the gang would fit into modern times.

Saved By The Bell has a special place for those of us who grew up in the 90s. While times have definitely changed—no one knows this better than a teacher—we can’t help but think about how Zack, Kelly, Jessie, Slater, Lisa, and Screech would fit into today’s classroom. If you were a current teacher at good ol’ Bayside High, here’s what it might look like to have the gang walk your halls.


Grande, double shot with an inch of almond milk.

Jessie no longer needs a caffeine pill addiction, she has Starbucks. And easy access at that …


Is this organic?

The gang is shocked to discover The Max is now a hipster hangout where they don’t get freebies, sodas are free-trade, non-GMO, and served in Mason jars. A round costs $20. To further the blow, this new place doesn’t allow dancing, not even Lisa’s “The Sprain.”


Watch out, Zuck, here’s Zack.

Zack meets the internet = Mind. Blown. He uses its powers to introduce the world to the Zack Attack Band and their hit, “Friends Forever,” creates an online business scheme selling giant cell phones as the next new, quirky-cool thing, and uses fake Facebook accounts to manipulate the world.


A few seconds, a lifetime of regret.

Slater tries to out-cool Zack by sending racy images of him and the girls in their Buddy Bands on Snapchat.


Those bangs though …

Dear, sweet eternally-perfect Kelly Kapowski remains unchanged, unflawed, and beloved. I mean, she’s Kelly! Not even a change in decades can affect her.


Safety first!

The gang is shocked that Bayside High stopped the Practice Being Married assignment after students requested condoms to help with homework.


Can you say, Fashion Blogger?

Kelly starts a trend of using school hallways as runways for 90s fashion.


High School MusicalThe Prequel 

At any moment, the gang breaks into dance in the halls. No one ever understands why or attempts joining in.


Forget SoulCycle.

Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa go all out trying to bring Jazzercise back into gym class.


It was weird, TBH.

Mr. Belding is fired because of his inappropriately close relationship with the gang and obliviousness to the other students at Bayside.


Nerd culture is in right now.

Screech meets the internet = Controls. It. Finally having found an outlet for his super brain, Screech’s weirdness falls to the wayside and is replaced by a calm, all-knowing coolness similar to that of Neo from The Matrix. He becomes the elusive, cool kid at school.


That hair will always be iconic.

Zack tries to use his ‘Time Out Powers’ to thwart Screech’s increasing popularity, only to realize they no longer work. His disdain for the present grows.

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