We Review an Awesome Algebra App

Teaching algebra doesn’t have to be painful!

Teaching algebra does not have to be painful or difficult. This app covertly teaches algebraic learning through addictive problem-solving games.

DragonBox 5+

Why we love it: Algebra provides students with the essential building blocks of advanced mathematics and science, but abstract equations can initially seem daunting. And daunting early math learning is not good! Rather than earnestly professing to young students the importance of a lifetime of STEM and logic and reasoning, let us give them great games that seamlessly, sneakily, effectively get their brains working algebraically. DragonBox 5+ fits the bill.

How it works: The goal of the game is to move your box (which is X) to one on one side of the screen (the equation) in as few moves as possible. As the game advances (think Candy Crush with its different types of challenges at each level,) players encounter fractions, positive and negative numbers (all represented by adorably ugly dragons), and the need to balance a problem before moving forward. The challenges begin with extremely basic concepts, effectively and easily moving students forward through increasingly complex algebraic equations.

Learn algebra in under an hour: In what is probably the coolest math experimental study ever, the Washington State Algebra Challenge found that on average, students could master algebra skills in just 42 minutes using the DragonBox 5+.

Price: At around $5, it may be slightly more pricey than free algebra apps, but it is completely without ads or in-app purchase requests.

Find it:iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store.

Posted by Jessica McFadden

Jessica McFadden is a writer, blogger and parent living in the Washington, DC suburbs. A daughter of a teacher and a member of a family of teachers, she is happily at home interviewing teachers, principals and education specialists.

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