Sometimes when you’re looking for that special touch on a lesson plan, you have to think outside the box. And these crazy teachers did exactly that. We love these inventive educators!

1. This teacher who covered herself in sticky notes to teach adjectives.


2. This teacher who wore an inflatable unicorn suit to teach the letter U.

If it's U day you wear an inflatable unicorn! Obviously!

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3. This teacher who pretended his kindergarteners’ gingerbread men had attacked him.


4. These teachers who did some “intense” promotion of their book fair.


5. This teacher who made a cardboard guitar (and played it) for his students.


6. This teacher who took hair-styling advice from her students.


7. This teacher who earned a pie in the face as her students’ reward for good behavior.


8. This teacher who busted out the hair curlers to teach her students about opposites.


9. This teacher who turned school orientation into an elaborate game of Pokemon Go.


10. This teacher who puts his selfie stick to good use.


11. These teachers who traveled to a different state to get the right classroom decor.


12. This teacher who takes color coding to another level.


13. This teacher who rolled with the punches when a baby lemur showed up in his classroom.


14. This teacher who ordered color-changing lights to help set the classroom tone.


15. This teacher who planked on a cafeteria table.


16. This teacher who was cool with an alligator on her head.


17. These teachers who turned their hallway into an underwater adventure.


18. This teacher who donned a onesie for assembly.

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19. This teacher who got creative with his ‘do.

Almost ready for the #slcmarathon #thingsteachersdo

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20. This teacher who brought real worms to class.


21. This teacher who got into the role of first FLOTUS.


22. This teacher who may have read Pinkalicious too many times.


23. This teacher who stole kindergarteners’ cookies…and paid the price.

Have you ever gotten a little crazy with your lessons? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!