This Digital and Print News Subscription Will Energize Your High School

Keep your students engaged in the world they want to change.

High school students use the Wall Street Journal subscription on a tablet

Getting high school students to engage with and discuss current events and news can be a complicated endeavor. You want a go-to, age-appropriate source that your students find both creative and compelling. But the source also needs to be accurate and credible. And it must also feature news that is accessible, covers the world, offers fresh perspectives, and encourages teens to dig deeper.

That’s where the Wall Street Journal‘s High School program aims to change the game. This WSJ program gives you tools designed just for high schoolers and will help you engage them as readers, writers, and problem solvers. Will it prompt real conversation and inspire ambition with your class? Yes and yes.

What We Like About the WSJ School Subscription:

  • Your ENTIRE high school gets unlimited article access to Think about how useful it would be for different classroom lessons: social studies (What’s really going on in this part of the world? What would you do as a world leader?); science (insight into the latest research); technology (talk about the latest trends that excite these digital natives); and more.
  • A WSJ high school subscription earns you print copies for your school. Place them in the library, student lounge, or designated common areas to promote discussion. “I thought they’d only like the digital access,” one parent shared. “It’s a pleasant surprise to see that the students are reading the paper in the dining hall and utilizing the library copies.” Give journalism-minded students real-world examples and the chance to study the elements of a news story. How might they change the headline? What are the follow-up stories to chase? Break out the red pens and mark it up!
  • You and your students get podcast and video access. Listen to compelling interviews with WSJ editors, industry experts, newsmakers, and current events influencers. Have students break into small groups to discuss the topic of the day and reconnect to reflect on points of interest, argument, or common ground. 
  • Free classroom guides and case studies let you make the most of your school’s subscription. You’ll have direct access to tons of resources, which you can use to lead your classroom discussions on everything from business and IT to law and marketing. You’ll also find great ideas on how to assign articles and assess students from educators who have used the WSJ platform. Yes, you get to really dig in, too! 

Want to know more about WSJ’s subscription for your students? Sign up below to get your high school in contact with the WSJ team!

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