15 Inspiring and Informative Veterans Day Videos for Kids

A salute to those who have served.

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November is the lead-in to the holiday season. Before we get to all the turkey-eating and gift exchanges, though, the United States commemorates Veterans Day on November 11 each year. This special day honors those who served in the Armed Forces, past and present. Commemorate the holiday with students by watching a few of these Veterans Day videos. There are choices here for every age, but remember to preview videos to be sure they’re appropriate for your audience.

1. Veterans Day Facts for Kids

Best for: Elementary school

This is a nice overview of Veterans Day for the elementary school crowd. They’ll learn what a veteran is, why we celebrate on November 11, and how they can honor veterans on that day.

2. Veterans Day for Kids Cartoon

Best for: Upper elementary

Kids will enjoy the engaging presentation of this video while learning lots of interesting facts. This one even teaches us why we say “Veterans” instead of “Veteran’s” Day!

3. Nuggets of Information: Veterans Day for Kids


Best for: Pre-K through 2nd grade

This is one of the most up-to-date Veterans Day videos and includes a mention of the newest branch of the Armed Forces, the Space Force. The talking chicken nugget makes this a fun one for littler kids.


4. History of Veterans Day

Best for: Middle and high school

The History Channel provides a look at Veterans Day, complete with historical footage. This is a good choice for older students. Use it to start a classroom conversation about the holiday.

5. Kid Explorer: Veterans Day

Best for: Pre-K through 2nd grade

Broadcast Cal is here to teach fellow kids what Veterans Day is and why we celebrate it on November 11 each year. Students will enjoy getting this info from someone their own age.

6. Veterans Day Top 10 Interesting Facts

Best for: Elementary school

Learn the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day, why it used to be called Armistice Day, and more in this fact-filled video.

7. Bet You Didn’t Know: Veterans Day

Best for: Middle and high school

This snappy presentation from the History Channel includes the fun fact that for a while, Veterans Day was moved to the fourth Monday in October to give government officials a long weekend. It was later moved back to November 11 to honor the historical significance of that date.

8. Honoring All Who Served

Best for: Elementary and middle school

This straightforward video is an excellent summary of the day. It’s suitably solemn and sets the tone for respecting those who’ve served.

9. Veterans Day by the Numbers

Best for: Middle and high school

Number-loving students will enjoy this one! It’s a few years old, though, so challenge students to do some research. They can update the numbers on current Congress members who served in the military, for instance.

10. The Poppy Song for Kids

Best for: Pre-K through 2nd grade

It’s customary to wear a red poppy flower on Veterans Day. Do a poppy craft with your students, then learn this song to share with family and friends.

11. PBS Kids: Veterans Day

Best for: Elementary school

You can count on PBS to provide quality learning for kids, and this video is no exception. It’s a quick look at the holiday that’s ideal for elementary school.

12. Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood

Best for: Pre-K through 2nd grade

This read-along is beautifully illustrated, and the rhyming text will hold younger viewers’ attention. Reader Tristan ends the video by thanking the veterans in her own life.

13. The Wall Read-Along

Best for: Pre-K through 2nd grade

Many Veterans Day videos and books focus on the World Wars, but this book by award-winning author Eve Bunting is about the Vietnam War Memorial. It’s a touching but age-appropriate look at this stirring monument.

14. Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day?

Best for: Elementary school

Kids enjoy learning from other kids (and puppets!), so they’ll enjoy this informative video.

15. Veterans Day Tribute: “America the Beautiful”

Best for: Any age

This gorgeous a cappella version of “America the Beautiful” performed by members of the United States Army Field Band would be perfect to play during your school’s morning announcements on Veterans Day!

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15 Inspiring and Informative Veterans Day Videos for Kids