17 Things Teachers Wish People Understood About Teaching

Our work and passion for our students doesn’t end when we leave school.

The Truth About Teaching: What Teachers Wish You Knew

Recently, Indiana teacher Chasten Buttigieg reached out to fellow educators on Twitter to see what they wished other people understood about the teaching profession. The tweet resonated with our WeAreTeachers readers and followers as they shared the truth about teaching in 2019.

Here’s what they had to say:

1. Building relationships is the top priority sometimes.

And learning has to come second.

2. We DON’T have summers off.

Just because we’re not in the classroom doesn’t mean we’re not working.

3. We are emotionally invested in each and every student.

The emotional weight of teaching can be heavy.


4. Teaching is nonstop.

Here’s what just one morning looks like for a school teacher.

5. Testing takes a toll on teachers and students alike.

In fact, testing-related anxiety is on the rise.

6. We’re ALWAYS thinking about our students.

Even during school breaks.

7. Teaching is NOT babysitting.

And people who think that need to spend some time in a classroom.

8. We deserve to be treated as trained professionals.

Here are a few other things teachers need if we want to fix our education system.

9. We LITERALLY lose sleep worrying over students.

Teacher anxiety and depression are also on the rise.

10. We don’t teach for the money or the praise.

But there’s no question it’s worth it.

11. We hardly even get any chance to use the bathroom during the day.

Teachers joke about it on social media, but it’s true.

12. We put endless hours into our work.

Here’s a look at how many hours teachers really work.

13. We are under pressure from EVERYONE to do our jobs.


14. Teaching requires a enormous range of skills.

Here are 13 other jobs teachers hold, but don’t get paid for.

15. There is SO MUCH paperwork.

Like, our desks are literally drowning in paperwork.

16. Life at home plays a huge part in student success.

And so many of our students are dealing with childhood trauma, too.

17. Once you’re our student, you’re always our student.

The teacher-student bond lasts way beyond graduation.

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Plus, things only veteran teachers understand.

17 Things Teachers Wish People Understood About Teaching