Kids of All Ages Are Writing Breathtaking Poems Using These 5 Simple Prompts

Joseph Fasano’s viral poetry prompts are making poets out of everyone from 6-year-olds to 96-year-olds.

Screenshots of poetry prompts by Joseph Fasano

We learned about poet and writer Joseph Fasano for the first time last year, and we love that his poetry prompts have caught on like wildfire.

His prompts are simple, easy to use, and create such wildly different tones and themes depending on the individual completing the poem. You can see how effective these prompts would be in building students’ confidence, especially in an area like poetry, where many students come in shouting the “I can’t write poetry” party line.

For instance, here’s a poetry prompt about grief:

1. Grief Poem

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Student example of a Grief Poem:

Look at this beautiful poem 9-year-old Mason wrote in response about the passing of his beloved dog, Gus:

“GRIEF POEM” by Mason


I miss your smell of summer.

I miss your voice like a person-voice.

I miss your paws like person-hands.

But I know that living means playing.

And I want to live. I want to play.

And you, Gus, I want you to be the rainbow.

Go, be the rainbow.

Here’s another prompt, simply called My Poem:

2. My Poem

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Student example of My Poem:

Fasano shared this poem written by a Ukrainian 10-year-old, noting that it was sent by her mother, who is schooling her at home during air raid alerts:

My name is Anastasiya.

Today I feel like one girl dancing in the ash.

Sometimes I am a bird.

Sometimes I am a silent bird.

But always I am here.

I ask the world, “What does hope look like?” And the answer is one girl dancing in the ash.

3. Poem to Myself

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Student example of Poem to Myself:


Lachlan, age 11

No one knows the dolphin that dives in me.

No one knows my heart is a little candle

I carry through the ocean toward the light.

No one knows the songs I softly sing.

But I do. I do.

I will wake today and sing my dolphin song.

I will wake today and splash the sea.

I will dive until I reach my soul.

Dolphin, dive, dive, dive.

4. Untitled Poem

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Check out this response from 12-year-old Sam, whose ASD makes communication a struggle sometimes. Sam’s mom shares that he carries a stuffed giraffe named Buzz everywhere.

Student example of an Untitled Poem:

“To Mom” by Sam

There are days when I am Sam

And days when I am not.

My heart is a wild dog sleeping in the morning

and a tall giraffe hiding at night.

If only I could dance in the classroom,

I would be my own teacher.

If only I could let go of Buzz

I would be the dancing boy.

Mom, this poem is for you.

To love you is to be the dancing boy.

Here’s another one of Fasano’s poetry prompts:

5. Affirmation Poem

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Fasano is helping people all over the world find their voice, and for that, we’re grateful.

We think these prompts would make an amazing back-to-school assignment, a way to help reluctant writers or students who have trouble communicating, or a confidence-building activity to launch a poetry unit.

You can follow Joseph Fasano on Instagram and X, and definitely check out his book of poetry prompts!

What will you or your students create?

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