28 Online Interactive Math Games Kids Will Love

K through 12 … it all adds up to fun!

Collage of online interactive math games including Number Bonds Match and Algebra Jeopardy
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Looking for fun ways to get kids to do some math practice? Try these online interactive math games! They’re perfect for at-home enrichment or homework assignments. In the classroom, use them for fast finishers, or play as a group using your interactive projector or whiteboard.

Best Online Interactive Math Games for Elementary School

It’s important to spark an interest in math at a young age and build confidence in skills quickly. Fun interactive math games are a great way to do it.

Penalty Kick

Illustration of a soccer goal, with a pop up box reading "GOAL!" and giving the player a chance to solve a multiplication equation for an extra point
Coolmath Games/Penalty Kick via coolmathgames.com

What students practice: Multi-digit multiplication

The game is simple enough: Each player takes a turn kicking a soccer ball or defending the goal. When they’re successful, they get to solve a math equation for a chance at a bonus point.

Play it: Penalty Kick at Coolmath Games

Puzzle Pics

Online math game with a grid of numbers. As each correct answer is selected, it reveals part of a mystery picture.
Math Playground/Puzzle Pics via mathplayground.com

What students practice: Basic addition and subtraction

Click and drag the puzzle pieces to answer the math questions, revealing a cool picture at the end. There are multiple versions for different skills and levels, and you can change the target sums too.

Play it: Puzzle Pics at Math Playground

Bar Graphing With Eggs

Cartoon illustration showing five hens on nests, laying eggs, while a frying pan shifts underneath to catch the eggs
Education.com/Egg Graphing via education.com

What students practice: Sorting, graphing

First, move the frying pan to catch the colored eggs as they fall from the chickens. Then, sort the eggs by pattern. Finally, use the eggs to create a basic bar graph.

Play it: Bar Graphing With Eggs at Education.com

Math Baseball

Screenshot from online Math Baseball game, showing a 2-digit addition problem and a player standing on home base ready to swing at the pitch
Funbrain/Math Baseball at funbrain.com

What students practice: Arithmetic skills

It’s a simple concept: Students solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division equations, then take a swing. You can change the difficulty from easy to “super brain,” so this is a game that grows with kids.

Play it: Math Baseball at Funbrain

Going Nuts

Multiplication facts practice game with a squirrel and nuts theme
Multiplication.com/Going Nuts via multiplication.com

Practice math facts with a fun squirrel who needs your help to gather as many acorns as possible!

Play it: Going Nuts at Multiplication.com

Number Bonds

Screenshot of online math game showing spiral of numbered beads and a central number ball shooter
Math Playground/Number Bonds via mathplayground.com

What students practice: Addition and number bonds

Choose a target sum between 10 and 20. Then, aim and shoot the center number ball at one of the balls circling the track to make the target sum. Repeat until all the balls are gone.

Play it: Number Bonds at Math Playground

Candy Cashier

Screenshot from Candy Cashier online math game showing rows of candy jars marked with prices, and money for paying
Math Playground/Candy Cashier via mathplayground.com

What students practice: Adding up money and making change

Help the monsters in your candy shop buy candy! As each monster comes in to make a purchase, add up the cost. Then, use their money to make the appropriate payment.

Play it: Candy Cashier at Math Playground

Estimation Contraption

Cartoon character standing next to a machine with a column of two-digit numbers called Estimation Contraption
PBS Kids/Estimation Contraption via pbskids.org

What students practice: Estimation and addition

Estimation seems simple, but it can give some kids real trouble. Play this simple game to get practice rounding and adding numbers.

Play it: Estimation Contraption

Coin Weighing

Illustration showing a simple scale with a number of coins on each side of the scale
Math Game Time/Coin Weighing via mathgametime.com

What students practice: Comparison, weights

Students have four chances to weigh coins to determine which one is fake. In addition to practicing weights, kids have to think carefully to solve the problem.

Play it: Coin Weighing at Math Game Time

Math Pac-Man

Pacman board with ghosts that have addition sums printed on them
Math Game Time/Math Pac-Man via mathgametime.com

What students practice: Arithmetic equations

Classic arcade game meets math! You’ll have to think fast to solve the equation and eat the right ghost. Try this one in pairs with one student solving and the other moving Pac-Man as fast as they can.

Play it: Math Pac-Man at Math Game Time

Canoe Puppies

Cartoon puppies in a canoe race, with a two-digit math problem underneath
Math Playground/Canoe Puppies via mathplayground.com

Can your puppy-filled canoe beat the others to the finish line? Solve the equations quickly to paddle your way to victory. Students practice two-digit addition with this game.

Play it: Canoe Puppies at Math Playground

Kangaroo Hop

Cartoon kangaroos hopping onto a variety of shapes that match the description at the bottom of the screen
Math Game Time/Kangaroo Hop via mathgametime.com

Hop from shape to shape faster than your opponents. Students need to know both 2D and 3D shapes to master this one. Kids learn geometric shapes with this game.

Play it: Kangaroo Hop at Math Game Time

Best Online Interactive Math Games for Middle School

As math becomes more challenging, it can also become more difficult to have student engagement. Entertaining math games help students sharpen their skills without feeling like a bore.

Move Here Move There

7 x 7 grid with colorful squares showing numbers and directional arrows
Coolmath Games/More Here Move There via coolmathgames.com

Use logical reasoning to create a path from the dark blue tile to the green target tile. Part coding, part logic game, this one is excellent for building deductive-reasoning skills.

Play it: Move Here Move There at Coolmath Games

Orbit Integers

Four cartoon spaceships racing each other, with a math problem underneath
Math Playground/Orbit Integers via mathplayground.com

What students learn: Adding and subtracting positive and negative integers

Can you win the space race? Students need to solve the equations faster than everyone else in the competition to soar into first.

Play it: Orbit Integers at Math Playground

Math in Music

Screenshot from an online math game asking you to count the number of beats in a music sample
Get the Math in Music via thirteen.org

What students practice: Real-world algebra skills

Students always ask how they’ll use math in real life, and this game gives an example. The challenge is to adjust the music tracks so they align. First, though, they have to figure out how many beats per minute in each. How will they solve the problem?

Play it: Math in Music at Get the Math

Fruit Splat

Colorful fruit images floating on a screen with numbers in each, and a target bubble saying "composite"
Sheppard Software/Fruit Splat via sheppardsoftware.com

Practice identifying prime and composite numbers with this simple game. Move the target around the screen and SPLAT the fruit matching the description.

Play it: Fruit Splat at Sheppard Software

Puppy Chase

Cartoon puppies racing with a fraction math problem underneath the online math game
Math Playground/Puppy Chase via mathplayground.com

What students practice: Decimals and equivalent fractions

Click the equivalent decimal from the fraction given. The faster you find the answers, the more you move ahead to win the race!

Play it: Puppy Chase at Math Playground

Find the Quark

Battleship-type math game with little monsters plotted on a coordinate plane
JLAB/Find the Quark via education.jlab.org

What students practice: Coordinate graphing

If kids have played Battleship, they’ll recognize this game. This time, they’re looking for the Quarks hidden somewhere on the board.

Play it: Find the Quark at JLab

High-Stakes Heist

Screenshot from online math game called High Stakes Heist, showing a safe with a combination lock students can open by solving a math problem using order of operations
ABCYa/High-Stakes Heist via abcya.com

What students practice: Order of operations

Crack the safe by solving an equation, one step at a time, using the correct order of operations. If you make a mistake, you can go back to the previous step to fix it.

Play it: High-Stakes Heist at ABCYa

Algebraic Reasoning Sweet Shop

Cartoon candy store with several piles of candy, and a calculator for figuring out the value of each using algebraic reasoning
Math Playground/Sweet Shop Algebra via mathplayground.com

What students practice: Mental math, writing equations

Using the stacks of various candies that add up to certain amounts, determine how much each individual candy is worth. This can be done as mental math or by writing out and solving equations.

Play it: Algebraic Reasoning Sweet Shop at Math Playground

Boat Coordinates

Cartoon boats racing on a four-quadrant coordinate plane
MathNook/Boat Coordinates via mathnook.com

What students practice: Coordinate graphing

Enter the coordinates to send the boat on its way to the finish line. Stop along the way to pick up coins but be sure to avoid obstacles. You have a limited amount of time, so think fast! This game can be customized with single-quadrant or four-quadrant boards.

Play it: Boat Coordinates at MathNook

Best Online Interactive Math Games for High School

Higher-level math doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Online math games for high school students are harder to find, but these games give students the chance to practice their skills in unique ways.

Exponents Jeopardy

Math jeopardy game with cartoon players
Math-Play/Exponents Jeopardy via math-play.com

What students practice: Exponents

You know the drill: Pick a category, solve the equation, earn the points. Be careful though! If you’re wrong, you can lose all the points you’ve earned.

Play it: Exponents Jeopardy at Math Play

Wrecks Factor

Screenshot from a submarine math game requiring players to factor quadratic equations
Mangahigh/Wrecks Factor via mangahigh.com

What students practice: Factoring quadratic equations

Ships sail onto the board and wreck, displaying a quadratic equation. Factor the equation, then click and drag the correct answer to the points on the grid that surround the boat. More boats continue to arrive, and if one sinks before you solve the equation, you lose a life.

Where to find it: Wrecks Factor at Mangahigh

Math in Fashion

Screenshot from a game about using applied math in fashion, with a sheet breaking down the costs involved in making a shirt for sale
Get the Math/Math in Fashion via thirteen.org

What students practice: Decimals, multiplication, problem-solving

See how math plays a role in fashion design as you try to alter the design of a blouse to meet the target price. This is a fun game to play together in groups so you can see how others would make the changes.

Play it: Math in Fashion at Get the Math

Transformation Golf

Four-quadrant coordinate plane with spaces to enter variables like translation, rotation, deflection, and more
Hooda Math/Transformation Golf via hoodamath.com

What students practice: Translation and transformation in a coordinate plane

Pick a transformation and then a factor choice of that transformation to get the golf ball into the hole. Includes translation, rotation, reflection, and dilation.

Play it: Transformation Golf at Hooda Math

Sortify: Angles

Math game with a series of cards showing various angles and buckets to sort them into
BrainPOP/Sortify Angles via brainpop.com

What students practice: Types of angles, basic geometry

Sort the cards by dragging them into bins and placing the correct label on them. Some cards need to be linked together, like those that form complementary or supplementary angles. Submit the bins to be checked and earn points for correct answers.

Play it: Sortify Angles at BrainPOP

Math in Videogames

A one-quadrant coordinate plane with a small asteroid and a rocket, and a space for entering coordinates
Get the Math/Videogames via thirteen.org

What students practice: Graphing on a coordinate plane

Students practice graphing linear paths on a coordinate plane with this game, and keep the spaceship from crashing into the asteroid.

Play it: Math in Videogames at Get the Math


Four quadrant coordinate plane with two intersecting lines drawn on it
GeoGebra via geogebra.org

What students practice: Geometry

While not a game per se, we love the interactive site GeoGebra for creating graphs, 3D shapes, and more. It’s a perfect way to add an interactive touch to your geometry lessons.

Where to find it: GeoGebra

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