Teachers Are Sharing the Times They Couldn’t Keep a Straight Face if They Tried

“What does this look like, TJ Maxx?”

Story from Reddit about when teachers can't keep a straight face

No matter what grade they teach, educators often find themselves redirecting students for inappropriate behavior or speech. This particular task in the teaching world demands seriousness. But every once in awhile, a particular situation will sneak through where teachers can’t keep a straight face.

Teachers took to Reddit to share the funniest things their students have said, and the stories are nothing short of comedy gold. From innocent misunderstandings to perfectly timed one-liners, these stories remind us that the classroom can be as entertaining as it is instructive. Let’s take a look at some of these laugh-out-loud moments that prove kids really do say the darnedest things.

“I had an ELL class reading a simplified version of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ and I was reading the stage directions.”

“I read the direction, ‘They kiss. They kiss again.’ A 15-year-old girl yells, ‘WHAT THE HELL KIND OF BOOK IS THIS?!?!’ I died.” —bluenova32

“I had one once say, ‘Yeah, well, you’re gonna end up on “90 Day Fiancé” one day.’”

“I found this to be both incredibly harsh & hilarious.” —sativvvadivvva

“My fourth grader comes up and says he needs to tell me something, but wants to do it quietly, looking all serious.”

“He comes to whisper in my ear and simply says, ‘No one out-pizzas the hut.’” —mookey72

“I was once teaching a lesson about horseshoe crabs (environmental ed) and mentioned they lay 100,000 eggs a season.”


“And a boy in the back goes ‘dayummm that’s a lot of child support.’ I couldn’t help it. Had to laugh.” —leigh1003

“I picked up a book from the floor, clearly named, but I was lazy, asked my grade 2s, ‘whose is this?’”

“A student said, ‘It’s mine, ya dumbass!’ Called principal so we could laugh about it together.” —AussieRed8

“The 8th grade girls were talking astrology.”

“One boy just shouts ‘STOP SPEAKING IN MOON RUNES.’” —T_Peg

“A third grader called me a big glob of goo, and then said I was fired and he was calling the police.”

“Actually, he screamed all of this at me at the top of his lungs. I still laugh about the glob of goo comment.” —madagascarprincess

“A boy in my class was wearing pants that were way too big for him.”

“In the middle of class, he demands that I do something about his pants falling down. I shrug my shoulders and tell him to try asking the nurse. So, I write him a pass and send him up there. He comes back in a huff two minutes later. ‘I need to file a complaint!’ he shouts.”

“‘What happened?’ I ask.”

“‘I told that lady I needed a belt. She told me, ‘What does this look like, TJ Maxx? Get out!’”

“Immediately I burst out laughing.” —BookDev0urer

“I overheard an elementary student yelling, ‘BIBBIDI BOBBIDI GET OFF MY PROPERTY!’”

“I still think about it to this day.” —yeeunn

“When I taught 2nd, a lactose-intolerant girl let out a HUGE FART on the carpet after lunch.”

“The kids all dived away from her as if she were a bomb, and the kid closest to her says ‘damn girl, I told you not to get the regular milk!’ I didn’t even punish him for swearing, that would have required more control of my face than I had at that moment!” —GoodwitchofthePNW

“8th grader, down moment in an after-school pep band rehearsal.”

“Hands his saxophone to a friend to go grab something from the storage room and says ‘Here, hold my beer!’ and walks away.”

“Me, at the front of the room: ‘uh, not school appropriate?’”

“About 15 minutes later, hands saxophone back to friend again and says ‘hold my age-appropriate beverage.’ I died.” —sarahshift1

In the end, these are more than bright moments we share in the teachers lounge over lunch. They remind us that teaching is not just about serious lesson plans and standardized test data; it’s about the human connections and the unexpected joys that ensure no day is boring. Whether it’s a kindergartner’s unfiltered observation or a high schooler’s clever quip, these instances of spontaneous humor create memories that, clearly, teachers cherish years later.

In the serious business of shaping young minds, there’s always room for a good laugh. It can be a bumpy ride in teaching, but it’s moments like these that help make the ride worthwhile.

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