18 Brutally Honest Teacher Tweets About Betsy DeVos

How teachers really feel about the President’s secretary of education pick.

18 Brutally Honest Teacher Tweets About Betsy DeVos

On Monday, the Senate will vote whether or not to confirm Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s controversial pick for secretary of education. A procedural vote was held early Friday morning in which 52 senators voted to confirm DeVos and 48 voted no. But Republican senators Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine have said they will vote no in Monday’s final vote, which could lead to the unusual event of a tie to be decided by Vice President Pence.

While Trump’s choice is unusually divided—most education secretaries have breezed through confirmation—teachers have been overwhelmingly vocal in their dislike of DeVos, a “school choice” advocate who has dodged questions about upholding funding for public schools. Below are some of the most pointed reactions from teachers on Twitter.

1. On being a new teacher:

2. On qualifications:

3. On the Teachers’ March:

4. On fundraising:

5. On patronage:

6. On graphs:

7. On ethics:

8. On grades:

9. On grizzlies:

10. On ideas:

11. On grammar:

12. On partisanship:

13. On dreams:

14. On threats:

15. On gut instincts:

16. On exploitation:

17. On #RedforEd:

18. On walking in our shoes:

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