16 Teacher Problems as Told by “Will & Grace” GIFs

Yep, our favorite show totally nails it.

Teaching is a lot like an episode of “Will & Grace.” Ridiculous situations come up in the course of the day. Emotions sometimes run high. You have to figure out how to get different temperaments to mesh. Things don’t always work out the way you want them to.

But in the end it’s really all about good people just trying their best, and most of the time it all works out with a happy ending.

1. When the duty roster changes up, and you get lunchroom duty.

Not the echo chamber, please!

2. Fact of life in the faculty lounge, every day.

SOS! I NEED caffeine and I only have a 6 minute passing period.

3. When your feud with the photocopier seems to be escalating.

It’s finally your turn and you get the “Add Toner” message.

4. Twenty minutes for lunch. ‘Nuff said.


Seriously, that can’t be good for our digestive systems.

5. Only having thirty seconds between classes to have an exchange with your teacher BFF.

Ah, but one glance says so much when you speak the same language.

6. Cracking under the pressure of trying to make a good impression at Back to School night.

Like me, like me, please like me!

7. Finding a constructive use for your time while listening to the district policy on (fill in the blank) for the umpteenth time.

Well, at least you’ll save money by doing your own manicure.

8. When the principal approaches you about joining another committee.

So busy. So, so busy.

9. Trying not to overreact when you see your kindergarteners have taken the caps off of ALL the markers so they can have “monster fingernails”.

And exactly how are they going to explain the colored circles at the tip of each finger to mom and dad?

10. Having kids call you Mom, or Dad, or (gasp!) Grandma.

(Stifles giggle, pretends not to hear.)

11. Sitting through standardized test training (again).

Now is that fill in the bubbles with blue ballpoint pen?

12. Wanting to strut because you what you’ve been telling them all along about recess time is confirmed.

They’re like stallions—they NEED to run!

13. Listening to another sob story about missing homework.

Aww, my heart goes out to you.

14. Trying to look cool as you chaperone the middle school dance.

Yeah, I had some moves in my day.

15. Having to decide which is worse—going to school feeling like death warmed over or writing lesson plans.

It seriously is that complicated.

16. Knowing that despite the trials and tribulations, you are hopelessly devoted to your profession.

And despite all our teacher problems, we wouldn’t trade it for the world!