24 Surprising Student Art Pieces That Will Make You Do a Double Take

Once you see it one way, you can’t unsee it.

24 Surprising Student Art Pieces That Will Make You Do a Double Take

Disclaimer: This post will make you feel like a seventh grade boy. I have a seventh grade son, so I can definitely vouch for this.

This wonderful collection of somewhat questionable student art came to us after posting a quick photo on our Facebook page about a St. Patrick’s Day art project that had gone wrong. Thousands of comments and hundreds of photos later, we knew we had to collect “the worst of the worst” to share. Enjoy. And I’m sorry.

1. Happy Turkey Day

“I teach high school math, so I don’t get to enjoy this type of thing, but a couple of years ago, my daughter brought home this gem. It still makes me snicker.” —Caroline N.


2. An Appreciation for Emus

“These were supposed to be emus. Check out the bottom row, the second emu on the right.” —Alicia B.


3. The Importance of Spacing

“When you teach printing in kindergarten, finger spacing is soooo important.” —Cindy P.



4. A Little Deflated

“I put up a display about CAN YOU BLOW A BUBBLE? and it looked like this after just one day.” —Amina O.

student_art_blow_bubble copy

5. Snowflake Project

“Finally! I have a place to share my seventh grader’s snowflake.” —Emily D.


6. It’s Getting Hot in Here

“I taught temperature in kindergarten last year and tried to quickly draw a thermometer on my board. It was several moments later when I realized what I had done.” —Kathy R.

7. A Lesson in Gardening

“This will always be my favorite one.”


8. A Kind Gesture

“We were playing with Play-doh during recess and a student said “Look! I made you a _________!” To this day, I can’t even remember what the child claimed it was.” —Tiffanie A.


9. Ready to Bloom

“I am an elementary art teacher, and one of my students made me a beautiful flower.” —Laura C.


10. Ugly Sweater Contest

“This is a Christmas ugly sweater made by a second grader.” —Brenda A.


11. Light It Up

“At Christmastime, my son brought this home. It’s upside down apparently. He glued the flame of his candle on wrong.” —Ashley R.


12. Proud Turkeys

“The kids made their own headdresses with turkey gullets. This is my sweet girl and several of her friends.” —Dawn C.

student_art_turkeyheads copy 2

13. In Love With Dinosaurs

“This is my 5-year-old son’s dinosaur.” —Lauren B.


14. A Lesson in Anatomy

“My son made me a snowflake that, when folded in half, served as a lesson on the female reproductive system.” —Jennifer C.


15. Budding Artist

“My daughter made a butterfly for her daddy. It’s proudly displayed in our living room.” —Meriah W.


16. Symmetry Art

“My son was 3 when he created this gem in a preschool symmetry lesson. It’s a moth. Obviously.” —Emily H.


17. Tribute to the Troops

“My student made a card for the troops. That’s a gun.” —Mallory C.


18. Fun With Frosty

“My daughter came home with this gem.” —Kelly B.


19. Punctuation Problem

“It’s supposed to be a comma.” —Paulie M.


20. Marshmallow Magic

“This is the project I did this year.” —Amy M.


21. Abstract Awesomeness

“I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to share this.” —Sara M.


22. A Love of Gaming

“We made joysticks.” —Jason K.


23. Different Point of View

“I made an elephant!” —Missy F.


24. Designer Colors

“This is the bone my daughter colored.” —Kellie O.