Supersonic Mnemonics: We Review Brain Beats

You know you use these devices to remember the planets.

Confession: We still sing “My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas” to remember the planets in order of distance from the sun.

(Yes, we learned this back when Pluto was still considered a planet. We are old.)

Mnemonic devices and hook-infused music are extremely effective at helping students remember important information. Combine these two memory-boosting strategies and you have Brain Beats.

We are massive fans of the Brain Beats and Brain Beats 2 albums for use in our classrooms. These completely modern and catchy numbers teach important concepts such as the quadratic formula, the countries of the world (yes, all of them!), the first 84 digits of pi, and even all 50 states and their capitals.

The musical styles will appeal to students of all ages. How about a Tribe Called Quest–esque rap of the U.S. presidents in order? Or a mellow Jack Johnson–like ballad about the human body’s systems?

Play these CDs or mp3s as background music during free play and art periods, or introduce individual songs to your students based upon concepts in your curriculum.

Do not be alarmed if you find these tunes on repeat long after the school day is over. We are guilty of it too.

Find it: CDs at Marbles the Brain Store, mp3s on Amazon

Do you have a winning classroom mnemonic device? Spill it in the comments! 

Posted by Jessica McFadden

Jessica McFadden is a writer, blogger and parent living in the Washington, DC suburbs. A daughter of a teacher and a member of a family of teachers, she is happily at home interviewing teachers, principals and education specialists.

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