Now that it’s spring, many of us and our students are outdoors enjoying the warm sunny days. However, one thing that many students don’t realize is that lasting sun damage starts from a young age.

In school, we overhear conversations about “tanning” and see kids who have sunburns after a day at the beach or playing sports. It’s up to us as teachers, administrators, and mentors to teach our students how to safely embrace life in the sun.


Neutrogena is providing teachers a direct line to educating our students on skin health by sharing “In the Sun,” an award-winning documentary executive produced by one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Kerry Washington.

When you sign up, you receive a free digital film screening kit for your middle and high school students, including a streaming link to the film and an electronic teacher guide with classroom activities!

The world premiere of “In the Sun” is happening this spring in partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival, and schools are being offered an amazing opportunity to watch the film at the same time! Check out the trailer here, and sign up for your digital screening kit below.

Why is sun-safety education important?

According to the World Health Organization¹, one in every three cancers diagnosed across the globe is a skin cancer. Moreover, skin cancer affects all races, ages, and ethnicities, with diagnoses increasing each year.

Although there are more cases of skin cancer in the U.S. than all other cancers combined,² it’s the most preventable form of cancer. The attitudes and habits children and teens develop about sun exposure can last a lifetime. That’s why sun safety education is so important. Teachers across subject areas can use the film screening kit to help show students how to embrace life in the sun while keeping their skin safe. It could save their lives in the long run.

What’s inside the digital screening kit?

The digital screening kit includes:

  • Streaming link of “In the Sun,” a 36-minute, award-winning documentary executive produced by one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Kerry Washington, featuring the journeys of seven people whose lives have been impacted by life in the sun.
  • Celebrity video message from Kerry Washington to play for students before the film.
  • Electronic teacher guide that includes information and resources; for example, classroom activities, discussion starters, and printables.

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