This summer, the focus for most of us is going to be on helping kids catch up. It’s possible for students to make a lot of progress quickly over the summer. However, it’s not always easy to find high-quality content to supplement summer programs at a price schools can afford. That’s why we’re excited about this amazing deal on summer school resources from Britannica.

Get school-wide access to Britannica LaunchPacks this summer for only $300

Britannica LaunchPacks has a special summer license to help educators address learning loss and build skills. For only $300, you get school-wide access to all of their instructional content from June 1 to September 1. This is one of the best deals we’ve seen for summer school resources. Additionally, you can purchase LaunchPacks with your CARES Act funding!

LaunchPacks provides K-12 teachers with curated, objective informational texts paired with multimedia resources that cover key topics in social studies, science, and ELA. It even comes with an 8-week scaffolding guide for teachers, as well as live training and on-demand support for both educators and parents.

What types of resources are included?

Britannica LaunchPacks gives you access to over 4,000 equitable social studies, science, and Black history content bundles in both print and online formats.

For example, here are some of the types of resources included:

  • Engaging videos.
  • Objective, fact-checked articles.
  • Informative images and charts.
  • Primary sources.
  • Graphic organizers.
  • And more.

Support students at different levels with different needs

Each lesson comes with four unique learning levels and reading support tools. These summer school resources from Britannica LaunchPacks are also customizable. For instance, you can easily assign skill-building activities to individual students, which makes differentiating instruction simple.

Sample LaunchPacks:

The Statue of Liberty (Social Studies, Grades PreK-2)

Screenshot of The Statue of Liberty Summer School Resources From Britannica LaunchPacks

Biomes (Science, Grades 3-5)

Biomes screenshot

Viruses (Science, Grades 6-8)

Screenshot of Viruses Summer School Resources From Britannica LaunchPacks

Women’s Suffrage Movement (Social Studies, Grades 9-12)

Screenshot of a lesson on women's suffrage from Britannica

Learn more about this special summer deal from Britannica LaunchPacks

Support your K-12 social studies, science, and ELA summer program with Britannica LaunchPacks for only $300 from June 1 to September 1.


Need Summer School Resources? Britannica LaunchPacks Is the Best Deal We've Seen