We Know About Summer Learning Loss for Kids, but Let’s Talk About Teachers…

Studies show teachers take 75 times as long to send an email the first week of school.

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Summer break. A glorious stretch of time for teachers to relax, recharge, and take life at a leisurely pace. Want to take a post-breakfast nap? Go for it. Feel like spending all day at the beach without checking your email? You got it!

With students and teachers alike stepping back from their daily routines, there comes a big learning curve to restarting the school year. Extensive research has been done on the summer slide, a phenomenon that results in learning regression for students, and which may or may not be as real or as scary as people think.

But far less research has been done on the academic regression of their teachers. What many people don’t realize is that, like students, teachers have some catching up to do following summer break.

Read on for more insight into the (not so serious) challenges teachers face in getting back into the swing of things after summer break.

1. Where they put their key fob

It’s totally in the front pocket of my teacher bag. Or the pocket of the denim jacket I wore on the last day of school. Or maybe the console in my car?

2. Where they put literally anything in their classroom


Maybe June me wasn’t as organized as I thought I was.

3. How to use their school’s LMS

Why are there so many things to click?! I just want to print my rosters!

4. How to pack a lunch

You mean I can’t just stand in front of the pantry and graze for half an hour?

5. How to eat said lunch at 10:30 a.m. and within 15 minutes

Sorry, stomach. We shove it down now or starve later.

6. That great idea for a new seating chart, lesson, or teaching hack you swore you would remember

It was such a stroke of brilliance that there was no reason to write it down, I swear!

7. How to put on makeup

Someone remind me why I have three different skin-toned liquids. Do they all do different things?

8. How to put a “real” outfit together

I’m sure carrying my travel coffee mug counts as accessorizing.

9. Basic time-management skills

Now that I can’t just run out to the grocery store whenever I want, I’ll have to *gulp* plan in advance.

10. How to make it through the day without a 2 p.m. siesta

Do you think my sixth period class would be up for a nap time? I have faith in them.

11. That trick for unjamming the copier

Was it the top drawer or the bottom one? And how the heck do you open it?!

12. How much they love their job

Seeing last year’s students suddenly 2 feet taller, getting hugs from kiddos, and catching up with teacher besties … yeah, I missed this.

What will you need to relearn before school starts? Let us know in the comments!

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There's a lot for teachers to remember before heading back to school! First up: Where did I put the keys to my classroom?!