More than 60% of educators have student loans, and this debt weighs heavily on their life choices. We all know it can feel nearly impossible to save money, go on vacation, buy a home, or even start a family, when you’re responsible for hundreds of dollars in loan payments every month. We’re left wondering: Is there any way to reduce my debt, so I can reach my life goals?

Educators can get complimentary student loan forgiveness help. 

Horace Mann, a company founded in 1945 by two teachers who saw a need for quality, affordable insurance among their colleagues, is on a mission to help every educator in America reduce their student loan debt. And you don’t even need to have an insurance policy with Horace Mann to get their help.

Horace Mann’s Student Loan Solutions program is a complimentary service that helps guide educators through the process of reducing their student loan debt. The program isn’t just for teachers. Administrators, school staff, and recent college graduates pursuing a career in public education can also get student loan debt guidance from Horace Mann.   

The Horace Mann program is designed specifically for educators, and it includes complimentary online accounts that:

  • demystify loan forgiveness programs
  • calculate loan forgiveness opportunities based on your unique situation
  • provide updates on progress and reminders to stay on track

Additionally, the program includes unlimited access to trained loan coaches for more personalized help.

Why does Horace Mann want to help teachers for free?

You’ve probably heard discouraging stories about teachers who unsuccessfully applied to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Only 2% of people who are eligible have applied for the program. Stunningly, 98% of those who have applied have been rejected. However, more than 80% of rejections could have been prevented with awareness and planning.

The truth is all public school employees with federal student loans can qualify and be successful with the right tools and support. Unfortunately, there are plenty of sketchy companies out there that try to take advantage of teachers seeking student loan forgiveness.

Horace Mann, however, isn’t a loan servicing company, nor do they charge a fee for the service. 

The program started as a benefit for Horace Mann policy holders. Now, they’ve extended the benefit to all U.S. educators as a special thank you for going above and beyond during the pandemic. Horace Mann has already identified over $250 million in loan forgiveness and about $300 a month in lower monthly payments for teachers that have taken advantage of the service. 

Do you want help with your student loans?

Just click the orange button below to learn more about how the Horace Mann Student Loan Solutions can help you get student loan forgiveness. Educators can take advantage of this free program at any time during the 2020-2021 school year.



Did You Know Teachers Can Get Student Loan Forgiveness Help as a Special Thank You During COVID-19?