21 Small Gifts Teachers Love the Most ($10 or Less)

Small tokens that feel big for about $10 or less.

two examples of small gifts for teachers, including a Starbucks gift card printable holder and Sharpie markers with gift tag.
We Are Teachers / DecoroDesign via Etsy / thecentsableshoppin.com

Sometimes you want to give a small teacher gift that sends a big message. Whether you’re choosing a gift for a teacher friend or buying a set of the same gift for a staff of teachers, here are 21 small gifts that teachers will love in a big way, and each costs only about $10 or less.

1. Gift card

Printable Starbucks gift card holder as an example of small teacher gifts
DecoroDesign via Etsy

Even if it’s a small denomination, teachers always appreciate gift cards to their favorite stores. A $10 coffee gift card is more than enough to treat them to a cup of joe.

Buy it: $10 Starbucks Gift Cards (pack of 4) at Amazon / Printable Gift Card Holder at Etsy

2. Ring dish

ring dish for a small gift for teachers

A ring dish is a great small gift for teachers—we can put our rings on it, or paper clips, or hair ties, or anything that we want to remember later.

Buy it: Ring dish at Amazon

3. DIY ruler vase

vase made out of rulers for a small gift for teachers

A vase for flowers or school supplies is a welcome addition to any classroom. And with all the options for rulers, you can choose colors beyond the classic wooden ruler.  

Buy it: Rulers at Amazon

Get tutorial: Ruler Vase at Lolly Jane

4. Decorated tote bag

tote bag decorated with apple stamps for a small gift for teachers

A tote bag decorated with apple stamps or an inspiring message will definitely get used.

Buy it: Blank tote bags and Fabric Paint at Amazon

Get tutorial: DIY Apple Print Tote at Crayons and Croissants

5. Key chain

key ring for teachers with an inspirational saying for a small teacher gift

All teachers have keys, lots of keys. So a key chain that is either cute, inspirational, or funny is a great way to help us keep all those keys together.

Buy it: Key chain at Amazon

6. Teacher stone bracelet

Bracelets of different stones for teachers for a small gift idea

Each of these bracelets comes in a different-color stone to match with the teachers you’re gifting.

Buy it: Stone bracelets at Amazon

7. Bath bombs away

bath bomb for a small gift for a teacher

Who doesn’t love bath bombs? They’re small, fun gifts that you can give teachers that lets them know you want them to relax a little after a long day in the classroom.

Buy it: Bath bombs at Amazon

Get printable: You’re the Bomb Tags at Kristin Duke Photography

8. Rubber band ball

rubber band ball for a small teacher gift idea

It’s probably no secret that teachers appreciate rubber band balls. They’re helpful (who can’t use more rubber bands?) and make an interesting paper weight.

Buy it: Rubber bands at Amazon

Get tutorial: Rubber Band Balls at Tried and True Creative

9. Teacher compact

compact with inspirational quote

Having a small mirror nearby to check teeth or hair is super helpful when you have a meeting to run to and can’t stop in the restroom to prep.

Buy it: Compact at Amazon

10. Umbrella

umbrella with a note to a teacher for a small teacher gift idea

Bus duty, recess when it rains, or any duty when it might rain. An umbrella is a great teacher gift. Add a cute note to make it personalized.

Buy it: Umbrella at Amazon

Get tutorial: Umbrella Gift Tag at Mom Always Finds Out

11. Sharpies and a note

sharpies with a note for a teacher gift

Teachers. Love. Sharpies. A set of colored Sharpies with a nice note is a gift teachers will remember!

Get it: Sharpies at Amazon

Get printable: Sharpie Tag at The CentsAble Shoppin

12. If you can read this … socks

socks that say if you can read this this teacher is off duty
XYSOCKS/Socks via Amazon

Cozy socks with just the right message, yes please!

Buy it: Socks at Amazon

13. Makeup bag

make up bag for a small teacher gift

Teachers can never have enough makeup bags (shall we call them teacher survival bags?). A bag with an affirming message, like these, are a great place to keep all the little things—paper clips, PBIS tokens, markers—that keep teachers going about their day.

Buy it: Makeup Bags (4 pack) at Amazon

14. Lanyard

lanyard for teachers for small teacher gift idea

No teacher’s uniform is complete without a lanyard to hold an ID, PECS cards, and more. Gift a lanyard to fancy up any teacher’s outfit.

Buy it: Lanyards at Amazon

15. Stamps

pack of stamps with different affirmations on them like awesome and good job

This set of feedback stamps will be well used during any teacher’s year.

Buy it: Stamp set at Amazon

16. Ornament

ornament that reads thank you for being such an important part of my story for a teacher gift

An ornament to hang on a window or holiday tree is a wonderful way to say thank you.

Buy it: Ornament at Amazon

17. Wrist strap

wrist strap with teacher designs
Hicarer/Wrist strap via Amazon

Another way to hold keys, cards, and all the other things that teachers lug around all day.

Buy it: Wrist Strap at Amazon

18. Decoupage soap

soap with decoupaged flowers on them

Decoupage pretty flower designs onto bars of soap to make a stand-out gift that teachers can put in their classroom bathroom or use at home. All you need are images of flowers, soap, and Mod Podge glue.

Buy it: Mod Podge at Amazon

Get tutorial: Decoupage Soap at Mod Podge Rocks

19. Pineapple candle

do it yourself pineapple candle for a small teacher gift

These pineapple candles are super cute and easy to make with jars, soy wax, and pineapple fragrance.

Buy it: Candle-making kit + jars + pineapple fragrance at Amazon

Get tutorial: Pineapple Candles at Happiness Is Homemade

20. Puzzle

puzzle of van gogh's starry night for a small teacher gift

For puzzle loving teachers, you can find lots of inexpensive puzzles on Amazon and other sites. They’re a great way to give a teacher some R-and-R time.

Buy it: Starry Night puzzle at Amazon

21. Card game

five crowns card game for a small teacher gift

A card game to teach students or play with friends is a great gift that you can give any time of year.

Buy it: Five Crowns card game at Amazon

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These small gifts for teachers feel big even though they're only about $10 each. Plus they're unique and useful!