Check out the Amazing New Nickelodeon Slime in Space Virtual Field Trip

EVERY KID wants to watch astronauts play slime ping pong in space!

Slime in Space Virtual Field Trip

Brought to you by Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon worked with astronauts to test out slime in space! The result is a virtual field trip complete with activities for teachers to share with their students. Learn more >>


What happens when you send slime to space? You (and your students!) are about to find out. This free 15-minute “Slime in Space” virtual field trip answers that question… in a way only Nickelodeon could!

We begin 250 miles above the earth aboard the International Space Station. On the ISS, students will learn along with the astronauts as they demonstrate how slime reacts to microgravity compared to how water reacts in the same environment. Our favorite moment might be the astronauts playing ping pong with floating balls of slime! 

Meanwhile back on Earth, host Nick Uhas, scientist Rihana Mungin, and a group of young students reproduce several of the slime demonstrations that the astronauts perform. They learn important scientific concepts and create an awesome green slime mess along the way. Seeing what happens when you pop a slime-filled balloon in space is a great lesson in viscosity. Now that’s science your students will remember!

Classroom Resources

The teacher’s guide to the virtual field trip includes pre- and post-viewing activities for students, relevant scientific terms, and extension ideas. These activities help reinforce the lessons learned in the virtual field trip and help students gain a deeper understanding of the scientific process, microgravity, force, and more.

Slime Field Trip Teacher Guide

The guide and activities were created with grades 3-5 in mind, but can easily be adapted for other ages.

Get My Slime in Space: A Virtual Field Trip Teaching Guide

Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Ideas

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