We need to include SEL in everything we teach. Whether we’re teaching in person or virtually, the positive, long-term effects of students having SEL skills last well beyond a single school year. As an added bonus in the short-term, teaching social and emotional skills leads to better academic achievement and improved behavior. In this vein, we’ve partnered with The Allstate Foundation to create this staff meeting kit that uses lessons from the well-received book SEL From a Distance by Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan and John Hannigan.

How to use 60 minutes to help your teachers use SEL in the virtual classroom

This free staff meeting kit about how to use SEL in the virtual classroom is ready-to-download and use. Here’s what you’ll accomplish during your staff meeting:

agenda for running a staff meeting for SEL in the virtual classroom

Yes! I Want My Staff Meeting Kit

The staff meeting kit includes:

  • Relationship Skills Tools and Processes, chapter 3 from a leading professional development book: SEL from a Distance.
  • SEL in the Virtual Classroom slideshow for your teachers and staff to learn new ways to build relationships with students.
  • Questions to guide break-out groups.
  • Empathy Interview activity for everyone to try out.

directions for how to run an empathy interview for SEL in the virtual classroom

Yes! Give Me My Staff Meeting Kit