The Big List of Science Fair Project Ideas, Resources, and More

Options for every age, interest, and skill level!

Best Science Fair Project Ideas

Science fairs are a rite of passage and something many kids either dread or adore. Whatever the case, there’s no doubt these projects give students a chance to develop all sorts of skills: critical thinking, presentation and public speaking, research and writing, and so much more. Make this year’s fair the best one ever with this huge list of science fair project ideas for every kind of student.

Tips for Choosing a Science Fair Project

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With thousands of possible projects, it can be difficult to narrow down something that’s a good fit for every student. Try these tips to help them find the right science fair project ideas.

Match Your Project to Your Interests

This seems obvious, but it’s really helpful for kids who feel overwhelmed by all the choices. It’s also a good way to get reluctant learners more excited about science fair projects. Encourage students to think about what they love to do in their spare time. How can they turn that into a project?

For instance, kids who love sports might explore the most effective stretches for warming up, or methods for throwing a football farther and more accurately. Music lovers can learn how sound waves work, or discover the link between music and emotions. It’s all about starting with something you love.

Challenge Yourself, But Keep It Realistic


Science fair projects need to be something kids can complete by themselves or with adults in support roles only. If a student picks something that’s way beyond their skill level, chances are the parents will wind up doing most of it. That being said, the point of the project is to learn and grow. Aim to learn something new, whether it’s knowledge or skills, by setting measurable goals.

If You Want To Win, Be Innovative

For science fair contests with prizes, the more creative you can be, the better. Projects that address real-world problems with new and interesting solutions often catch the judges’ eye. Be sure to be thorough in your research, and be ready to answer questions about your methods and results. Scientists love asking questions!

Science Fair Project Ideas by Grade

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Finding an age-appropriate project is an excellent way to help kids succeed. These lists cover every age, pre-K to grade 12. Remember that many simple experiments and demos can become true projects by changing up the methodology to achieve better or different results.

Science Fair Project Ideas by Interest

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Since most projects can be tweaked to be suitable for any age, it’s best to urge kids to pick projects that really interest them. These roundups offer ideas for various interests in disciplines ranging from bio and chemistry to physics and environmental science.

STEM Challenge Science Fair Projects

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For students especially interested in physics or engineering, STEM challenges can lead to amazing science fair project ideas. Check out these lists for engaging challenges, and watch the learning grow.

Engaging Reluctant Science Fair Participants

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Let’s face it: Not every kid gets excited about the idea of a science fair. But with the right science fair project ideas, you can draw in even the most reluctant learners. Try some of these options.

More Science Fair Resources

Choosing a project is just the first part of the process. Find more useful tips and project help here.

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Need science fair project ideas? Find them here for every grade and interest, plus tips and resources for making your project stand out.