FREE PRINTABLE: Writing Prompts to Encourage Recycling and Earth Involvement!

Get your kids writing about recycling, conservation, and being good green citizens!

PepsiCo Recycling Rally printout from students about family garage disposal.

Brought to you by PepsiCo Recycle Rally

Join in the rally! Let PepsiCo Recycle Rally help your school reach its recycling goals. Boost recycling fun in your school with tools, progress tracking, resources, and more.


Looking for ways to get your kids writing, journaling, AND excited about recycling? Try one of our free recycling writing prompts! These 20 different prompts are designed to get students thinking “big picture” about their world and how their own recycling efforts can make a huge difference. Use one. Use five. Use them all!

What kinds of things can your kids do to help reduce, reuse, or recycle at home, at school, and in their community? What would they pledge to Mother Nature? These prompts will get your kids thinking creatively, focusing on storytelling and, of course, thinking about how to give back to our planet!

Save them, print them, and share them! We hope our suggested prompts inspire your creative thinkers and writers in new ways AND encourage a love and interest in recycling and taking care of the earth!

Get Your Recycling Writing Prompts Now!

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