Everybody loves a fun game of bingo—especially students! Get them engaged and active in their school and community with this inspiring recycle bingo game. They’ll have a blast, all while learning fun facts about the what, where and how of recycling, plus, why they should get involved, and take action!

Game Rules

  • Hand out bingo cards to student players. There are 30 unique versions in our printables.
  • Pick a small object to mark your squares. We love the idea of clean, washed recyclable bottle caps!
  • You or a student can be the Bingo MC and call out from the list of planet-themed icons on the prompt sheet. Check them off as you go. Or, cut out the planet pics from a few boards, and pull from a hat to make the bingo calls.
  • Once a student has 5 squares covered in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally), they call out “Recyle Rally!” or, more traditionally, “BINGO!” to win the round.

Pepsi Bingo Cards

The Teaching Twist

We’ve included a printable “teachable moment” prompt sheet with our bingo printable! How does recycling our papers, plastics, and metals help the planet? Why do  recyclables like soup cans and electronics matter? What’s a fun fact about how recycling efforts help our oceans? With each bingo call, there’s a fun, smart fact to teach and share!

Pepsi Bingo Teaching Cards

Here’s what you’ll get with your printables:

  • 30 printable Recycle Rally Bingo cards to play and inspire recycling and earth activism!
  • A cut-out sheet to help guide your game bingo calls (or play the “cut and call” version and draw pieces from a hat).
  • One “teachable moment” prompt sheet with bingo card images that include fun facts on recycling and the benefits of greening our planet.

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Please check locally what is recyclable—not all of these items might be in your area.