Free Printable: Rhyming Words Worksheet

You’ll all have a ball!

I recently received a bunch of Dr. Seuss books as a gift. Some of them were books I hadn’t read in forever! Reading them again as an adult, I was truly impressed with his ability to craft words and create fun rhyme schemes. Naturally, I tried to come up with some Seuss-quality rhymes in my head. (No they weren’t anywhere close to Dr. Seuss, but it’s the thought that counts, right?)

Rhyming Words Worksheet

Rhyming Words preview

This rhyming obsession that overtook me for two hours inspired me to put together this week’s printable all about rhyming. Depending on the age of your learners, this can be utilized differently. You could make this an independent worksheet or a group activity (you could run like the game Scattergories, where you can knock out another player’s words if you write the same rhyming word). Don’t forget that not all rhyming sounds are spelled the same way (for example, sail rhymes with tale).

Download the full size printable: Rhyming Words [PDF].

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