We already know what your closet looks like. You have a battery of crisp dress shirts, pressed suit separates, and shoes that mean business. Your principal clothes tell the world you are reliable, serious, and professional.  While tee shirts are likely not in your rotation, for these babies you might have to bend your dress code rules. A tee shirt lets the world know what you are all about, and every single one of shirts is 100% school appropriate.
Just a heads up, School Leaders Now may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves!

1. For the coffee aficionado

People ask how you do it all. It’s time to let them in on your secret.

2. For the grammar obsessed

You may not be a grammar stickler, but I’m sure you agree that commas matter.

3. For right-brained thinkers

It’s not always pretty, but principals get the job done. Time to add this title to your resume!

4. For irony’s sake

5. For the Wonder Woman

Didn’t get to wear that Wonder Woman Halloween costume you dreamed of? Here’s an excellent substitute!

6. For when you feel defensive

Let people know that you love public education and that principals can be grizzlies when provoked.

7. For your inner rockstar

I’ve always thought that the title principal downplayed the vibes required of such a position. This description feels much more appropriate.

8. For the subtle humorist

Only children of the ’80s will understand this one, and that’s okay.  Your homage to one of the greatest movies of all time will not go unappreciated.

9. For the book lover

All your students have read or seen Wonder. Wear this and bring a powerful anti-bullying message to school.

10. For the office supply lover

Deep in the heart of every school administrator lurks a lover of office supplies.

11. State your case without using your words

I have one. You have one. It’s only fair to warn others.

12. For growth mindset

Break it down for people who don’t understand neuroplasticity!

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