Plant Life Cycle Worksheet Bundle (Free Printables)

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Life Cycle of The Plant Feature

Recently, my daughter asked me why there weren’t any “wish flowers” around. Not only are “wish flowers” a childhood staple, but they’re also the perfect way to sneak in a quick and simple lesson on the life cycle of a plant. If you’re teaching this topic, our free printable plant life cycle worksheet bundle simplifies your lesson planning with quick, no-prep activities for all ages.

The bundle includes:

  • Plant life cycle wheel
  • Cut-and-paste plant life cycle diagram
  • Reading comprehension worksheet
  • Visual diagram of the things plants need to grow
  • Graphic organizer for observing plant growth over time

Learn more about what’s included in our free printable Plant Life Cycle worksheet bundle below, and grab your printables by filling out the quick form on this page.

Free Life Cycle of a Sunflower Printables

Life cycle of a plant
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Plant Life Cycle Wheel

This printable is great to paste on the whiteboard or on the wall during a class lesson on plant life cycles. The printable helps kids visualize the life cycle of a sunflower.

Life Cycle of The Plant 2- plant life cycle worksheet
Myranda McDonald; We Are Teachers

Life Cycle of a Sunflower Worksheet

Use this worksheet to create a visual model of the life cycle of a sunflower by coloring each stage of the life cycle, cutting it out, and gluing it into the correct space. Students can also add notes around the sides of each stage of the life cycle to turn this page into a visual graphic organizer for reading comprehension and note-taking.

Plant life Reading comprehension
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Life Cycle of a Sunflower Reading Comprehension Worksheet

This one-page text walks students through each stage of the life cycle. It explains why each stage is important and the changes that occur from one stage to the next. Use this page to add additional notes to the life cycle visual sheet above. Alternatively, use it to practice reading strategies by highlighting evidence in the text when answering the corresponding comprehension questions.

Life Cycle of The Plant What do plants need to grow?
Myranda McDonald; We Are Teachers

What Do Plants Need to Grow? Visual Diagram

This visual diagram starts with fill-in-the-blank statements. Students use what they know about plants and what they learned about the life cycle of a sunflower to complete each statement. Then, they cut out each statement and glue it into the correct spot on the page. This diagram provides students with a visual of what plants need to grow, along with an explanation of how each element helps the plant’s growth.

Life Cycle of The Plant
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Plant Growth Observation Chart

Now that your students know each stage of the plant life cycle, they’re ready to put their learning into action. Have them plant their own seeds and watch them grow. This chart provides students with scaffolded support. It also allows them to change a few variables within the experiment and collect data on how it affects the plant’s growth over time.

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