Once a student, now a teacher. This beautiful message and related hashtag (#onceastudentnowateacher) have been filling up our Instagram and Twitter feeds and we can’t get enough. Educators are sharing their best throwback school photos (laser background, anyone?), paired with photos of themselves today as leaders of the classroom.

It’s a journey to which any teacher can relate—so many of us fell in love with school as kids and never looked back. Here are some of our favorite #onceastudentnowateacher photos blowing up the Internet.

From boarding the bus to bringing the bus decor


Fourth grade Halloween costume to fourth grade teacher


She’s still got the same sweet smile


Destined to be a teacher

First day of 7th grade was a piece of cake! #theadventuresof7thgrade adventuresof7thgrade #onceastudentnowateacher

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Once she graduated from kindergarten, now she teaches it

#OnceAStudentNowATeacher Kindergarten graduation! Can't wait to meet my incoming kindergarteners this year!

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12 versus 43

Me at 12 and 43. #OnceAStudentNowATeacher

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Total, complete 100% cuteness


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Still rocking fun collared shirts after all these years


Has she aged a day?

I been waiting to do this one! #OnceAStudentNowATeacher

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Remember being the calendar helper?


Same pose, years apart


Still in love with reading after all these years


Now a teacher and a mom

#onceastudentnowateacher I LOVED seeing everyones' pictures so I had to join in. ❤️ Little Naomi in 2nd grade.

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Totally in love with this little bunny


Teacher twins! I can’t handle it!!


Turtleneck love!

90s curls > today's curls Jumping on the bandwagon ?#onceastudentnowateacher

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More turtlenecks… ?


You can feel this gal’s confidence from a mile away


He might be the class clown, still


What a sweet evolution


Middle school can be a rocky road but this teacher nailed it

#onceastudentnowateacher #lessonoftheday #investinahairstraightner ??

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Hard-core in love with both of her shirts


Paint splatters! Did anyone else’s mom make them take this picture?


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“I never thought I would be a teacher…” ?

#onceastudentnowateacher ??? honestly never thought I would be a teacher.

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There are those lasers we were talking about


“I am all I ever wanted to be.” May we all be so lucky!


Darling no matter the age


Yessss to these double portraits from the 80s and 90s


Still the same!


Now she’s got the keys to the school

#onceastudentnowateacher What a fun way to start the year! That's me in first grade and that's me last week. ☺️

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More lasers and the best-ever haircut!


Is that the same shirt?!


Have you participated in the #onceastudentnowateacher trend?