We’re Loving These Free Ocean Lessons That Will Have Kids Building Models, Coding, and More

They’re inspired by the BBC Earth and OceanX Media film Oceans: Our Blue Planet.

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We're Loving These Free Ocean Lessons for Earth Day & Beyond
Surfing bottlenose dolphins. Wild Coast, South Africa. Surfing may be a form of play in bottlenose dolphins, which is important in developing social and cognitive skills.

The best science learning comes from student questions. And when it comes to the ocean, kids have lots of questions, like:

  • How do sharks swim?
  • How deep is the ocean?
  • How do ocean currents form?
  • What about coral reefs? How do they form?

That’s why we’re loving these free teacher-created ocean lessons for middle school, inspired by the BBC Earth and OceanX Media film Oceans: Our Blue Planet and the topics above. 

Each module features step-by-step instructions, hands-on activities, and digital components that help bring the lessons to life. For example, in the “How do sharks swim?” unit, students build a physical model of rotation on an axis, create a virtual model in Excel, film video reflections, and more.

These lessons will help you to build future-ready skills: Support writing code, building sensors, creating in 3D, analyzing data, experiencing mixed reality, and reflecting.

Plus, the lessons come with everything you need to get started, including a full materials list. Curious and want to learn more? Just click the orange button below to access all four modules.

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