We’re Loving These Free Ocean Lessons That Will Have Kids Building Models, Coding, and More

They’re inspired by the BBC Earth and OceanX Media film Oceans: Our Blue Planet.

We're Loving These Free Ocean Lessons for Earth Day & Beyond

Brought to you by Microsoft Education in partnership with BBC Learning

Microsoft Education and BBC Learning present four hands-on STEM lesson plans that develop future ready skills, including coding, building sensors, analyzing data, and more. Check out the lessons here>>


The best science learning comes from student questions. And when it comes to the ocean, kids have lots of questions, like:

  • How do sharks swim?
  • How deep is the ocean?
  • How do ocean currents form?
  • What about coral reefs? How do they form?

That’s why we’re loving these free teacher-created ocean lessons for middle school, inspired by the BBC Earth and OceanX Media film Oceans: Our Blue Planet and the topics above. 

Each module features step-by-step instructions, hands-on activities, and digital components that help bring the lessons to life. For example, in the “How do sharks swim?” unit, students build a physical model of rotation on an axis, create a virtual model in Excel, film video reflections, and more.

These lessons will help you to build future-ready skills: Support writing code, building sensors, creating in 3D, analyzing data, experiencing mixed reality, and reflecting.

Plus, the lessons come with everything you need to get started, including a full materials list. Curious and want to learn more? Just click the orange button below to access all four modules.

Yes! I Want My Free Ocean Lessons

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