9 Ways Teaching Pretty Much Makes You an American Ninja Warrior

But maybe without the rock hard abs.

teacher ninja

NBC’s hit show American Ninja Warrior inspires us every week with the amazing feats of dedicated athletes who take on incredible physical challenges. It takes a lot of training and dedication to even make it into the competition, and sometimes the end result of all the hard work is just a huge splash into a cold pool of water. But the elite few who find the right combination of skill, strategy and luck reach the top of the tower and get to hit the buzzer. Sound familiar, ninja teacher? Here are 9 ways teaching and American Ninja Warrior are essentially the same.

It takes careful strategy and planning.

9 Ways Teaching Is Like Ninja Warrior 

And sometimes things feel out of control.

9 Ways Teaching Is Like Ninja Warrior

But you have to have confidence in yourself.

9 Ways Teaching Is Like Ninja Warrior

Because things don’t always turn out the way you plan.

A lot of times you have to dig deep.

And just go for it.

Until you finally reach your goal.

Are You a Ninja Teacher?

And on those days when you’re on fire…

Are You a Ninja Teacher?

You get to do a little happy dance.

Are You a Ninja Teacher?

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