There’s no doubt that this year of remote teaching was a challenge for many of us in so many ways. Let’s not forget blanks screens and no high-fives. But for some, dare we say, there were benefits—all day sweatpants, uninterrupted 45-minute lunches, and the beloved mute button.

But we wanted to hear from you. So, we went to our WeAreTeachers Facebook  page and asked you what you will most miss about remote teaching.

Smaller class sizes

I had a class of 37 the year before the pandemic, and it was so hard. Not looking forward to that again! —A. Mayberry

When I went back to hybrid for three weeks before full days, it was a dream job. Twelve to 15 kids per class, 3.5 hours per group. With an hour between cohorts. —J. Stadstad

The ease of meeting with individual students or small groups without the distraction of the rest of the class needing my attention. —A. Arnett

Newfound uses for tech

The remote chat feature gave some of the shyer kids a way to chime in without as much anxiety. Gotta figure out a way to keep that going. I think Pear Deck will work. —K. Sue

The chatbox on Zoom—students had the option of participating and asking questions directly to me without other students reading it… My poetry unit was amazing for this very reason—so much participation and sharing their creative writing because they felt safe to share—I would read their work to the class and start with: Here is another student response to the prompt. —J. Mora

Just doing literally no work- but playing with filters, backgrounds and all the extras we could add to our zoom. It was fun learning how to do it all WITH the kids. I could do anything when we started. —C. Taylor

More time with our four-legged co-workers

My house and the best co-worker ever: my dog! —K. Cathleen

No commute and my two assistants—Oscar and Lucy. Even the kids are going to miss them. —K. Campbell

I love how my TK kiddos want me to know their pets, show me their new toys, introduce me to all of their family members, take me on little tours, and generally think of me as a house guest who sings with them. It’s been a fun year. —C. Louise

Wearing pajama pants every day! Watching the kids freak out over my 160 pound Great Dane coming into view during class. Hearing my students laugh when my cat jumps onto my laptop during class. Not too much else! —V. Cerf

Showing off my cats to my students and seeing their pets. —M. Peters

Time to pee, no commute, unlimited mute button

I loved my schedule. Got to use the bathroom when I needed to. I got to see the home environments and pets of my students. —N. Clark

Less classroom drama and a mute button. Also, more time in the day to work in a room alone when they went to specials and during recess. —T. Zudell

The mute button. Can we get a real-life one? —M. Anne

I can’t pick just one thing. The commute to my dining room table, wearing yoga pants every day, and the more flexible schedule which helped with my work/life balance. —K. Waters

Turning off my camera and muting myself when I just need a 30-second break. —S. Alise

No commuting. It takes me at least an hour to get to work, in the crowded subway while spending a good amount of my salary on public transportation and walking for 10 to 15 minutes in the Brazilian summer. When I arrive at the school, I’m so sweaty it looks like I run a marathon. —N. Katsivalis

Going potty whenever I want! —J. Namey

Cooking dinner during staff meetings! —C. West

Making new connections with students and families

I missed getting to spent extra time with my fur babies. I missed the kids getting to really share their family and things that interest them. —W. Timmons

The relationships I normally never would see! The supportive (great) grandparents, older siblings, the pets! Also, great attitudes about education and respect towards the teacher: I had only families who specifically chose distance learning, and it made ALL THE DIFFERENCE! —S. Gariepy

Literally, the only thing: getting to know kids on a different level. I will forever have a strong bond with my cohort from this year because we all got a glimpse into each other’s lives that we normally would not. Loved seeing all their pets, comfy spaces, and former students of mine make guest appearances on screen. —A. Ducker

The deeper connection I made with parents—them hearing my jokes in the background, laughing with them when their child was acting wild—it was a very different relationship than in years past, and I truly loved it. —E. Marie

Having time to get to know my students better. SEL was a priority this year. I hope it continues. —D. Grande

Music teacher here. Getting to know their pets. The comments left on listening assignments. “I love this piece so much.” “I want to learn to play the cello.” I wouldn’t have gotten to hear everyone’s opinions in class. Seeing the really fantastic and occasionally funny videos they submitted to me for counting and solfege videos. Teaching hybrid had many downsides, but there are things I will really miss. —S. Story

What will you miss about remote teaching? Share in the comments below.

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Teachers Share What They'll Miss About Remote Teaching